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Which vulcanization method of silicone tubing is the best?

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Which vulcanization method of silicone tubing is the best?

Silicone Tubing for Peristaltic Pumps

Silicone tubing has good characteristics such as non-toxic, odorless, high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc. It is used in many fields such as food, medical treatment, electronics, industry, etc. It is formed by extrusion and needs to undergo high temperature vulcanization in the production process. The methods of vulcanization include ordinary vulcanization, which is called double 24 vulcanization in the industry, and platinum vulcanization. Normal silicone hoses are used in different vulcanization methods according to customer needs.

Ordinary silicone tubing is vulcanized together with double 2-4 vulcanizing agent, which has odor, is easy to process, has high output, and is suitable for the machinery industry; platinum cured silicone tubing is vulcanized together with silica gel and platinum vulcanizing agent, basically no odor remains, non-toxic, has complex processing technology, relatively low production and more excellent product characteristics, and is widely used in food and medicine. In terms of transparency, the platinum vulcanized silicone tubing will be more transparent and shiny than the ordinary vulcanized silicone tubing, and the finished silicone tubing will be stored for a longer time with platinum vulcanization, and there will be no frost on the surface. The quality of the platinum vulcanized silicone tubing is better, but the price is also much more expensive than the ordinary one, so it depends on where it is used. For example, if platinum vulcanization is not necessary in the industry, ordinary vulcanization is used to reduce the cost and mass production. If it is at the medical level, it is very strict and must use imported fumed glue for platinum vulcanization to meet the relevant medical testing standards, and the quality will be relatively good.


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