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test results of the lighter are not stable. The flame-retardant silicone tube and other silicone tubes can be burned together on an alcohol lamp, and the user of the visible detection method will feel at ease, and analyze the two sets of different products from the three angles of ignition point, in



[Industry News] structuring of silicone tubes

What are the reasons and solutions for the structuring of silicone tubes?

Now society is developing faster and faster, and the further progress of the times has also led to the development of market economy. More and more people are beginning to work in the pipeline profession, but if the pipeline



[Industry News] How to install food grade silicone lines correctly?

How to install food grade silicone tube correctly?

Do you know what to pay attention to when making food grade silicone tube equipment? How to properly equip the food grade silicone tube assembly? Friends who trust food-grade silicone hoses will know that this equipment method is very important. A



[Industry News] How do you replace a fuel pipe quick connector?

How do you replace a fuel pipe quick connectorFuel pipe quick connectors are widely used to transport fuel, oil vapor, water, air and other media because of their simple installation steps and use effects. However, if you use the pipeline for too long or the connector is damaged, then we need to hav



[Industry News] How do you fix a leak off pipe connector?

How do you fix a leak off pipe connectorPipeline leaks will generate a lot of dangerous problems, so it is important to fix the leak off pipe connectors in time. So how to repair leak off pipe connectors?Ø Check the problem.Ø Fix leaks off pipe connectors.1、Check the problem.First check whether ther

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