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What is the function of leak off pipe?

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What is the function of leak off pipe?


What is fuel return line?

The Injection Leak Off Pipe is a fuel system hose which is equipped on vehicles with carburetors. It’s mainly function is to return extra fuel from the carburetor to the fuel pump, it also has other important purpose.

The Injector Leak Off Pipe mainly used when the injectors do not need more fuel in them to inject in the combustion chamber. And the excess fuel goes back to the reservoir tank through overflow pipes.

What is the function of diesel Injector leak off pipe?

The function of fuel return line is protecting the fuel system, ensuring the normal diesel injector work and release excess pressure during the running of vehicles.

1.Protect The Fuel System

The fuel systems are equipped with Diesel Leak Off Kit, protecting the fuel system better and prevent vapor blocking in the fuel system . The fuel pump is pumping gas from the fuel system at a much higher rate than is actually needed. This keeps gasoline in the fuel lines cool and flushes out any vapor bubbles that might form.


2.Ensure Diesel Injector Work  

The reason that diesel engine has a Leak-Off Pipe is that the fuel is injected by the Injectors. So the fuel return pipe is also named as fuel leak off pipe. In a very dynamic and transient conditions, the load or need for fuel varies very radically. In that case, the diesel Injector may have extra quantity at a very high pressure due to the previous demand. This was one way thing the excess fuel comes out of the injector and back to the pump/filter depending on the vehicle.


3.The work theory of fuel injection systems (like all diesel have) depending on a high pressure pump to provide well timed high pressure fuel pulses to activate the injector and spray fuel into the cylinder. If any air bubbles find their way to the high pressure side of the fuel injection system it unlike fuel can compress and throw the fuel injection timing off.


4.Braided leak off Pipe (also named Return Line) is used for returning of the excess fuel after injecting fuel into the diesel engine. As the  Leak off Rail is fitted in the injector nozzles, these pipes have to be highly precise and meet its fitment requirement, this requires the professional skill and precise production process for pipe assembly.


5.Release Excess Pressure  


There is another function that the Leak-Off Pipe Line provides, is a pressure over flow port, in that way the fuel has some place to go when it gets too much pressure, and is released back to the tank.

In this way, the pressure of fuel can be kept in normal state.

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The Lifetime of Diesel Leak Off Rail Return Spill Pipe

The Diesel Spill Off Pipe function is taking extra gas out of the carburetor and return it to the gas tank. On mostly occasions, this Injector Leak Off Pipe is used during the running of the vehicle. The hoses on a car can be used for 10,000 to 50,000 miles based on the conditions that they are supposed to.


Types of Fuel Return Line Kit

Our range of Fuel Injector Return Line is compatible for most car models and truck models, and our customization will be made as per the clients specifications. Currently, the classification of fuel lines are return pipe, crankcase breather pipe, bleed pipe, and our pipes are fit for the car brand of Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, BMW, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Hyundai, KIA, Toyota, and the truck brand of Scania, Volvo, Man and Renault.




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