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How long does a silicone hose last?

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Silicone hose is widely used in automotive, food processing, industrial, medical and other fields. Silicone hoses are increasingly replacing rubber hoses in different types of vehicles, hot and cold air suction units and generator sets. The following article shall tell you more.


Here are the main points of the article:


1.How long can a silicone hose last?

Compared to rubber hosessilicone hoses are very durable and last longer. A good silicone hose can last a long time. It can even outlast the car itself. Because they can last so long, they cover the initial cost of buying it. Silicone hoses cost less per mile than rubber hoses, although their initial purchase cost is higher. The life of these hoses is due to handling higher temperatures, greater flexibility and elasticity, and better resistance to external weather factors than ordinary rubber hoses.


2. Why do you need silicone hoses?

One of the reasons to use silicone hose instead of rubber hose is that it provides better performance. Because of its superior heat resistance and ability to operate at very high temperatures, it is widely used in performance-enhancing cars. Cars that use turbochargers not only provide great power but also generate heat. Rubber hoses are not equipped to handle such heat and may fail. Silicone hoses are more durable, don't crack, don't harden, and don't dry out over time like rubber hosesSilicone hoses also compensate for noise and vibration, helping the car stay quiet.


3. How often should you replace silicone hoses?

The advantage of using silicone hoses is that they don't need to be replaced often. In general, rubber hoses should be replaced every four years as they can wear and tear, crack and break easily. However, silicone hoses have a longer life and can last longer than your car. You should regularly check the silicone hose for signs of wear or damage. If there is no obvious sign, there is no need to replace the silicone hose. With silicone hoses, you don't have to worry about how long or how many miles they have been used, because they are very durable.


4. How are silicone hoses made?

The first step in making a silicone hose is to shape the mandrel tool into a silicone hose. The raw materials for making silicone hoses, such as silicone rubber, paints, and reinforced fabrics, are carefully selected. The compound is then put into a laminator, which presses it between rollers to make thin sheets. The compressed compound is then pressed into the reinforced fabric. These sheets are then cut and rolled, which can then be used to make silicone hoses. The silicone tubes are then inserted into the mandrel tool to give them the shape they need. Coil up the silicone hose and cool in the oven. Then remove them and place them in the cleaning hose for cleaning. Silicone hoses must go through a process of trimming and quality inspection, and after these stages of cleaning, they can be shipped to dealers.


Silicone hoses surely have lots of advantages that strives rubber ones. To choose a silicon hose for your car, call us right away!


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