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Heating SCR urea line for vehicles

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The urea line is a system for transporting urea solution in Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR); in a low temperature environment, the urea solution will crystallize, and urea cannot be injected and flowed normally, resulting in an automotive SCR system. When the work is stopped, the vehicle cannot operate normally, so there is a heated urea line that can melt the crystallized urea into a liquid solution.

With the development of the automobile industry, the layout of the whole vehicle puts forward new requirements for heating the urea line: the heating urea line is no longer a simple straight line in the past, and it is necessary to shape the line to the desired shape for the whole vehicle. The layout is installed. At present, the structure of the urea pipe on the market mostly connects the pipe body with the quick connector, connects with other parts of the SCR system on the automobile through the quick connector, and provides a heating and heat preservation component on the pipe body to make the flow through the heating. The urea solution of the urea line is heated to avoid the problem of low temperature crystallization of the urea solution.

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However, in the urea pipe of the prior art, the structure of the portion where the pipe body and the SCR quick connector are connected is such that the inner diameter of the pipe is equivalent to the outer diameter of the connector of the quick connector, and the head of the pipe is extruded. The method is sleeved on the connecting portion of the quick connector, forming a structure in which the connecting portion is inside and the pipe is outside, and the inner diameter of the connecting portion is smaller than the inner diameter of the pipe. The above structure has the following problems: 1. The quick connector and the line cause plastic deformation of the head of the line during the extrusion process, which causes the strength and toughness of the line to be adversely affected; 2. Due to the inner diameter of the quick connector It is smaller than the inner diameter of the line. Therefore, when the line assembly is rapidly flowing at low temperature, the urea solution crystallizes at the interface of the line to block the quick connector, especially the urea solution from the pipe to the quick connector. When flowing, it is more likely to cause crystallization to block the quick connector. Once blocked, it will affect the normal operation of the car.

In order to overcome the deficiencies in the prior art, STANDARDS provides a heating urea line for solving the technical problems of the poor performance of the existing SCR urea pipe quick connector portion and the susceptibility of the urea-capacitor solution to crystallize the quick connector.

STANDARDS discloses a heating urea line, which comprises a quick connector and a pipe body, and the connection of the SCR quick connector and the pipe body forms a uniform inner diameter line for the urea solution to flow, which is not easy to cause low temperature crystallization to block the pipe; During the connection process, the pipe body does not undergo mechanical deformation as a whole, and the bursting pressure at the quick connector is large and the stability is good; the heating wire disposed outside the quick connector and the pipe body is bundled with multiple heating metals, compared to In the past, when the single-heated metal was easily broken, the metal in the present scheme was subjected to a common force, and the probability of fracture was reduced for the single wire and the whole of the heating wire, and the reliability of heat generation was improved.


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