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What are the types of automotive fuel pipe?

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When it comes to automotive fuel, the standard definition of fuel is lead-free (up to 98 octane) and diesel. According to this definition, standard fuel tube are not compatible with ethanol mixtures, biodiesel, or menthol. The topics we will discuss in this article are fuel injection, carburetor, applications in the tank, fuel type compatibility, and installation of fuel pipe set. Choosing the right fuel pipe set is crucial. Incorrect fuel feed pipe can cause pipe bursts, fuel leaks or fuel hose failures, which can cause fuel contamination and block fuel filters and injectors.


Here are the main points of the article:

Why should you choose fuel feed pipe?

What are submersible fuel hose pipe?

What are the cautions of fuel pipe with hand primer pump?


1. Why should you choose fuel pipe harness?

Nylon fuel pipe set is the fuel hose of choice, manufactured by the manufacturer. The main reason is the ability to reduce evaporation emissions to very low levels (very low permeability). The added benefit is the smooth interior surface and the ability to fit the shape. Fit the shape and nylon quick connector to make installation very fast and easy during the automotive production phase. Nylon quick connect push accessories provide quick and safe connections. As mentioned, as fast connections age, they become less secure and need to be replaced. Nylon is resistant to most fuel types, including nitromethane, and operates at 250psi and bursts up to 1,000 psi. Operating temperature range -30 to 120 degrees Celsius, can provide rigid and flexible curved tube. The bend tube is often used to connect the fuel pump and the module in the oil tank. The spiral hose is ideal for use in the fuel tank because of its flexibility and resistance to immersion in fuel. The nylon fuel line at the bottom requires special tools to replace quick connections and is a bit difficult to use due to its rigid structure.

 Fuel line pipe

2. What are submersible fuel line?

Common fuel line harness are designed to resist internal fuel contact only. In submersible applications, the outside of the fuel tank pipe is in constant contact with the fuel. There are two distinct players, rubber styles including stainless steel and nylon. The structure of the rubber submersible fuel line pipe conforms to the requirements of sae30r10. This type of liner hose will have an external fluorinated polyester tube cover for retarding aging, and fibers for helical winding and nitrile liners. Working pressure of 250psi and burst pressure of 500psi make the fuel line suitable for EFI system. Flexibility is limited, in contrast to non-submersible EFI hoses.


3. What are the cautions of fuel line with hand primer pump?

Electrostatic discharge should not be ignored. The fuel line pipe needs to be able to discharge the static buildup caused by the flow of fuel through the hose. When the fuel is flowing at high speed, the friction caused by the fluid will produce static electricity. All high-quality fuel pipe will have a conductive chemical additive to allow static electricity to drain safely through the hoses to the body.


This is a great deal of information to make good decisions when choosing your fuel line. For more details, consult us.


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