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Various defects of silicone pipe

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Various defects of silicone pipe 

Various defects that may exist in the silicone tubing include: extrusion line or gel (may be caused by premature curing in the extruder); air bubbles (during the curing process, moisture may be absorbed by the cooling roller of the double-roll mill to form water vapor , Or H-Si≡ reacts with the hydroxyl substance in the platinum cured product to form hydrogen); particle pollution.    

 Determining the limits of these defects is not an easy task, but they are specified in the sales specifications. The ISO standards related to silicone elastomers for hose extrusion even reference some visual inspections. Other issues related to mechanical performance involve floor space and handling. The problem here is to use the floor space to "manage" the hoses in pharmaceutical production, while avoiding problems such as kinks. The variables to be considered include the bending radius (the radius of the bend of the hose measured on the innermost surface of the bend) and the bending force (the stress required to bend to the specified radius).   

  Silicone tubes can sometimes be marked by external printing, but due to their low surface energy and poor ink adhesion, they can be easily wiped off during cleaning with common solvents. Silicone can also be mixed in color. Barium sulfate is often used as a white filler for base color mixing, or for co-extruded strips for X-ray opaque medical devices. 

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