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Fuel Line Pipe 12.61mm Straight Quick Connector

1.Type: Fuel Line Quick Connector, Fuel Pipe Quick Connector, 
    12..61mm Fuel Line Quick Connector
2.Material: PA66+GF30
3.Medium : Gasoline, diesel, air, water, oil vapor
4.Size: 12.61mm
5.Standard: SAE J2044
6.Weight: 10-14g
7.Working Pressure: 5-7bar
8.Working Temperature : -40-115℃ , short time 150℃
9.Engine Type: Engine Fuel System
  • 12.61 Fuel Line Quick Connector


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Product Description

Fuel Line Pipe 12.61mm Straight Quick Connector


Type: Fuel Pipe Quick Connector, Fuel Line Quick Connector,
12.61mm Fuel Line Quick Connector
Material: PA66+GF30
Medium : Gasoline, diesel, air, water, oil vapor
Size: 12.61mm
Standard: SAE J2044
Weight: 10-14g
Working Pressure: 5-7bar
Working Temperature : -40-115℃ , short time 150℃
Engine Type: Engine Fuel System


12.61 Fuel Quick Connector (12).jpg12.61 Fuel Quick Connector (10).jpg       


2.Feature :

Withstand high temperature.
Durable and high quality.
Lightweight and fast assembly without tool.
Time and cost reduction robot assembly possible.
Compact building method employment in extremely close installation conditions possible.
Integrated seal optimal tightness.
A perfect aftermarket replacement.


Quick connector with double sealing rings radial sealing structure, modified rubber o-rings used,
mainly for fluid the physics chemistry, custom, anti-aging, corrosion, and swelling;
Outer o-rings are separated by the intermediate spacer ring. Corresponding space on the two sealing rings,
rubber substrate bonding does not occur, the outer synthetic rubber o-rings used.
Increased mechanical properties. preventing air aging.
Sealing ring and spacer ring through the outer ring of elastic clamping device securely fastened
in the shell will not result in phenomena such as ring falls off, and shift. Great seal security is guaranteed.


4.Connect & Disconnect Operation Method:

Quick connector is made up of body, in o-ring, out o-ring, spacer ring, securing ring, and locking spring.
When a mating tube end piece inserts the connector, as locking spring has a certain elasticity.
Tie clip fastener to connect two connectors together and then pull back to assure complete connection.
So that the quick connector is different. Repair removal as long as the first advance the male connector and then press the latch.
At both ends of the clip button, lock expansion, you can easily pull out the connector.
Reseat the front SAE30th heavy oil lubrication should be used.

Operation Method.jpg



Automotive fuel line connection, be fit for all kinds of cars and commercial vehicles.
Gasoline and diesel fuel delivery systems, ethanol, methanol, or natural gas delivery systems,
or their vapor venting or evaporative emission control systems.
Application of Fuel Quick Connector.jpg

6.Technical Data:


Fuel Quick Connector Drawing Type Tube Size A B C D L
Fuel Quick Connector Fuel Quick Connector Drawing 12.61-14x12 14x12 12.7 8 13 27.5 60
Fuel Quick Connector Drawing Type Tube Size A B C D L1 L2
Fuel Quick Connector Fuel Quick Connector Drawing 12.61-14x12 14x12 12.5 8 13.3 27.2 30.5 30.5




100pcs fuel quick connector or 5pcs fuel quick connector
PE bag + carton or as per clients' requirements


Shipping by sea/air /courier (FedEx /DHL/TNT/UPS/China Post) according to your requests.
Sending the goods to your Chinese agent's warehouse is also workable.
Shipping 2.png

About Us:

Shijiazhuang Standards Rubber Products Co., LTD. is a highly professional total solutions provider of automotive fluid transfer products in china. 
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Designing team for new products development
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