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How does a quick connect fitting work?

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Quick connections, also known as leak off pipe connectors, are designed for harsh diesel fuel applications. To help you understand how fast connection fittings work and what to consider when using them, the article below shall explain the need to keep fittings running efficiently and leak-free.


Here are the main points of the article:

  • What is a leak off pipe connector?

  • How does a leak off pipe connector works?

  • What are the design and production of leak off pipe connectors?


1.What is a leak off pipe connector?


Quick disconnect accessories are used to provide quick and easy connection and disconnection of fluid lines. These fittings are also known as quick connections or quick release connections. Normally, parts that disconnect quickly are operated manually. They are often used to replace connectors that require tools for installation and disassembly. There are countless types of fast disconnect accessories that they are in all industries. Rapid disconnection greatly improves the end-user experience, simplifies connection/disconnection, and prevents fluid leakage. Engineers can use rapid disconnection to enhance the serviceability of their designs and increase the value of their products. Design engineers will also find that the ease of connecting and disconnecting will also save valuable time during testing and development.


2. How does a leak off pipe connector works?

The intelligence of leak off pipe connectors is their simple design. It consists of three separate parts: the chuck, the O-ring, and the body. The body of the fitting hides the O-ring and the collet at both ends. Your tubing is inserted through the chuck, through the O-ring, and into the body of the fitting. As the pressure inside the leak off pipe connector increases, water or air forces the collet into a groove inside the pipe fitting. The groove compresses the chuck so that the small teeth inside the chuck go deep into the tubing, making it almost impossible to disconnect the tubing. So, the harder you pull on the pipe, the tighter the grip on the collet. As the chuck continues to keep the tubing in place, the O-ring seals the space between your tubing and the fitting, making it watertight. The most common cause of a quick joint leak is that the tubing is not pushed into the joint.


3. What are the design and production of leak off pipe connectors?

Innovative, safe and fast, our fast connection accessories are made of synthetic materials and are suitable for most media transmission lines. Whether it is fuel, oil vapor, water cooling or air pipeline. We provide methods to connect. These leak off pipe connectors are particularly suitable for automotive piping systems. The leak off pipe connector is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with SAE j2044-2009. Specification for fast coupling of liquid fuel and steam or emission systems. If the product cannot meet the customer's needs, we can design and manufacture according to the customer's requirements. Plugins and self-locking structures make connecting and disconnecting faster and easier. The surgery requires only the width of the fingers. These features ensure fast connectors can be arranged in high density and increase customer design flexibility.


Hope the article above has clearly explained the need to keep leak off pipe connectors running efficiently and leak-free.



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