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What is diesel leak off pipe connector?

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The leakage oil line ensure optimum performance and can withstand high temperatures. To better serve the usage for conveying fuel in cylinders, diesel leakage pipe proved to be an optimal choice because of its design and quality, which can withstand high pressure. The following article shall tell you more.

Fuel Injector Return Line for Volkswagen Passat Tiguan 2.0TDI 03N130235A


Here are the main points of the article:


1.What are leak off pipe connectors?

The diesel leak off pipe links the injectors to a spill rail, and takes excess diesel to the injection pump before getting them back to the tank. In short, they are small braided pipes that can go wrong over time and can have leaks or get air into the system.


2. Why are leak off pipe wet?

If all (or most) of your new diesel leak off pipes are wet with diesel, you must suspect the following:

a) something has been sprayed on all the diesel leak off pipes, such as the fuel line in the injector not being properly handled and sprayed into the area. It's easy to check, use the tissue, and see if it collects any spray when the engine runs. 

b) the diesel leak off pipe is blocked, the backpressure is increased, and all/most of the leaking joints leak. Check for kinks in the leaking line to the fuel filter area. Just to check its functionality, remove pipes and collect leaks while the jar engine is running.

The diesel leak off pipe carried away diesel fuel for the injector function. It should not be under any large pressure unless there is a kink/blockage in the pipe to take it away.


3. How do I deal with a leak in the diesel leak off pipe?

Without knowing which part of the car that is causing the leak, here's what to do: 

  • Remove any covering, air hose or air purifier that got in the way. Just for easy access. 

  • Decompression of fuel system. There is usually some kind of valve on or near the rail. 

  • Disconnect the diesel leak off pipe or anything that is leaking. 

  • Replace any O-rings or copper gaskets or other seals. 

  • Reassemble the diesel leak off pipe. 

  • Open the key (but do not start it) and check for leaks. If your diesel engine uses a mechanical pump instead of an electric one, you need to turn it on to check for leaks.

  • Watch out for any moving parts. If there is no leak, then close the key and reinstall whatever you take down until the leak is part of it.

The biggest cause of failure of common diesel leak off pipes is excessive anti-leakage or backflow. The cause of this condition is internal wear on the part of your pilot valve, nozzle or seal. The defective parts allow the fuel to be returned to the fuel system or diesel tank through the diesel leak off pipe. The result of excessive leakage is a drop in rail pressure (see low fuel pressure), which in turn makes it difficult or impossible for your vehicle to start.


With the points listed above, a better concept of diesel leak off pipes can be achieved. For more detailed information, feel free to call us.


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