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How do you disconnect a quick connect hose?

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Leak off pipe connector connects the injector to the spill rail and takes the excess diesel to the injection pump, where it is put back into the tank. In short, they are connected to small braided pipes that over time can cause problems, leaks or air entering the system. Leak off pipe connector ensures optimum performance and can withstand high temperatures. To better serve the use of diesel in the engine, the diesel leak off pipe connector proved to be an optimal choice because of its design and quality, which can withstand high pressure. In the automobile industry, quick coupling is an ideal method to connect the medium conveying line with the ventilation exhaust line. The following article gives you more details about what they are and some tricks to disconnecting them.


Here are the main points of the article:

  • What is the leak off pipe connectors?

  • How do you disconnect leak off pipe connectors?

  • What is the warning when disconnecting the leak off pipe connector?


1.What is the leak off pipe connectors?


This product, the leak off pipe connectors, is for the high-quality fuel pipeline quick connection connector performance assurance. This allows you to quickly connect the fuel lines to the push in and off simply pull out while pressing the lock button. It is made from high quality materials compatible with fuel/gas and other common fluid types. The spiny end is connected to a fuel pipe or hose. At both ends of the clip button, the lock is unrolled to easily pull out the connector.

2. How do you disconnect leak off pipe connectors?

Step1: Access a chuck that enters the side of the housing at the end of the leak off pipe connector.

Step2: Place the tip of the leak off pipe connector removal tool on the head of the clamp and loosen the clamp, then carefully pull the leak off pipe connector away from the filter. If you don't have a fuel line removal tool, move on.

Step3: Place the tip of the pocket screwdriver between the chuck and the main body of the leak off pipe connector end housing. Carefully pry the chuck away from the leak off pipe connector. Once the clip is removed, carefully pull the leak off pipe connector out of the filter.


3. What is the warning when disconnecting the leak off pipe connector?

The clamp is made of plastic and breaks easily. If your leak off pipe connector is more than five years old or hasn't been removed in that time, invest in a fuel line removal tool. If you damage the clip, you will need to buy a new leak off pipe connector because the clip is not available separately from the line.


For more detailed information and counsel about leak off pipe connectors, contact us at any time. If you are interested in our products or want to know more about them, please contact us. We can make this leak off pipe connectors according to your own specifications. We strive every day to provide our customers with valuable solutions to meet their challenges.


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