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Where are high-quality silicone hoses used?

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Where are high-quality silicone hoses used?

performance silicone hose

High-quality silicone tube is an environmentally friendly and pollution-free green material. High-quality silicone hose can be 100% non-toxic and odorless. Silicone hose can be produced into fine silicone wire, silicone strip and other properties. So that the silicone hose can be widely used in various fields. At the same time, as a silicone hose, it has excellent properties of cold resistance, high temperature resistance, non-toxic and odorless, and can be used in catheters in the production of various small household appliances, as well as in electronic industry production, automotive industry production, and medical equipment.

Silicone hose is a kind of rubber with particularly good comprehensive performance, but compared with rubber material, silicone hose is safer, more environmentally friendly, and more in line with people's needs for it. High-quality silicone hose also has good electrical insulation performance, anti-aging performance, stable overall chemical composition, strong anti-oxidation, good air permeability, and good cold resistance and heat resistance. The most widely used in aviation, electronics, petroleum, chemical, machinery, electrical appliances, food and other industrial sectors.

For industrial production, high-quality silicone hoses have good electrical insulation properties, which can greatly improve safety in the process of industrial production. Moreover, the working temperature environment of high-quality silicone hoses can range from 100 degrees below zero to 350 degrees high temperature. Such a broadband working environment can make silicone tubings suitable for any field, even in the production process of some special fields. become an irreplaceable material.

Performance silicone hoses play a very important role in industrial production, and they also play a very important role in food use. In view of the fact that performance silicone hose is a real pollution-free, environmentally friendly, odor-free and non-toxic new material, it is also widely used in food materials. Especially in all kinds of bottles used by infants and young children, high-quality silicone hoses exist as the most important conduits. The silicone hoses with excellent flexibility do not harm the tender oral skin of infants and young children at all.

In the production process of small household appliances, high-quality silicone hoses also exist as the most important conduits. Such conduits can withstand high temperature working environments, and can be used arbitrarily between 100 degrees Celsius and 200 degrees Celsius.


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