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Do you know the common problems and protection of high pressure fuel pipes in automobile?

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Compared with the traditional automotive engine core components, the high pressure fuel pipe of the engine has not received special attention for a long time. However, statistics show that the failure cases of high pressure fuel pipes have been increasing in recent years, and their proportion is also increasing. It has entered the top ten of the number of failures of automobile engine parts in successive years, and has an increasing trend.

The engine high pressure fuel pipe is an important component that connects the fuel injection pump and the fuel injector, and is responsible for delivering high pressure fuel pipe to the engine. Once the high pressure fuel pipe of the engine cracks, causing oil leakage, it not only adversely affects the reliability of the engine, but also, after the high pressure fuel injection leaks, it is likely to come into contact with the high-temperature components of the engine, resulting in a serious fire accident.

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During the manufacturing process of high pressure fuel pipe, the inner surface undergoes a complicated drawing deformation process, in which various inner wall defects are inevitably formed, the most important of which is the inner wall crack defect.

Cracks in the inner wall can cause fatigue cracks in the high pressure fuel pipe to originate, which seriously reduces the fatigue life of the high pressure fuel pipe. This is also the cause of fatigue failure of most high pressure fuel pipe.

The processing process of the high pressure fuel pipe boring head is complicated, the deformation amount is large, and the metal on the inner and outer surfaces undergoes a strong deformation flow. If the process is improper, the metal streamline may be twisted or even cold-folding defects may occur.

Various process defects will become the origin of fatigue cracks during use, resulting in high pressure fuel pipe cracking and oil leakage. Therefore, all enterprises will control this defect form in their internal standards, mainly for The depth of the cold folding crack is controlled.

Since the high pressure fuel pipe usually has a galvanized layer on the surface, such defects cannot be inspected from the appearance, and the existing national standards cannot test and prevent such defects. In view of this, it is necessary to control the quality of the outer surface of the high pressure fuel pipe.

Protective measures for automotive high pressure fuel lines. The rubber shrink sleeve is mainly used for automobile high pressure fuel pipe protection. The wall tube has SBRSM with rubber inner wall and RSFRM without rubber middle wall tube. SBRSM with rubber middle wall tube is made of excellent polyolefin material and environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive layer. RSFRM without rubber middle wall tube is excellent. The polyolefin material is carefully processed and widely used for insulation protection of low-voltage power and mechanical strain buffer and room wear protection. The product has the characteristics of insulation, sealing and waterproofing (with rubber inner wall), softness, self-extinguishing outer layer and environmental protection.

What are the inspection methods for automobile high pressure fuel pipes? If the car is turned off in the road, and the ignition cannot be lit, then first call the trailer or the repairman. If the waiting time is too long, you can check the car first. high pressure fuel pipe and fuel tank, if it is a fault in the high pressure fuel pipe of the car, then it will be eliminated.


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