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How to use the oil dipstick?

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The oil dipstick is an important part of the engine. What does the oil dipstick look like? Let me give you a look below.

What is the oil dipstick?

Engine oil is an indispensable element in engine operation. Whether the oil is added or not, it will have an impact on normal driving. The oil dipstick is an important tool for measuring the oil level.

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What is the purpose of the oil dipstick?

The engine oil system generally includes a lubricating oil storage system, a lubricating oil distribution system, a lubricating oil indicating system, etc., and the lubricating oil quantity indicator is required to have an organic oil scale or an equivalent device to indicate the amount of oil in each lubricating oil tank. The oil dipstick is a simple liquid level gauge that directly displays the level of the oil in the oil tank.

The role of the oil ruler is not only to check the oil level of the engine oil. Experienced driving or repair personnel can check the engine oil dipstick to find out the dynamics of many engines; thus, the engine is maintained, and the cause of the fault and accident is discovered in time. To avoid further deterioration of the fault, etc., to respond quickly, get the correct judgment, and provide a reliable basis. It can be said that the use of the oil dipstick is very important for prolonging the service life of the engine.

Where is the oil dipstick? How to insert it when using?

The oil dipstick is usually next to the engine. The oil ruler has a very obvious feature, that is, there is a hand-drawn ring, which is very easy to identify. When using, take a paper towel and pull out the oil ruler, wipe it off with a paper towel, then reinsert it into the engine oil ruler slot and insert it into the end.

When do you look at the oil dipstick?

Turn off the engine and wait for about 10-15 minutes, let the oil return to the oil pan and check it. If you need to check it often, you can check it before starting the vehicle in the morning. The oil level of the oil is also accurate.

How do you look at the oil dipstick? What is the ideal oil position?

The function of the oil dipstick is to measure the height of the static liquid level of the oil, thus reflecting whether the engine oil stock is within a reasonable range.

Conventional oil dipsticks have obvious upper and lower limits, as long as the detected oil level is between the top and bottom. If it can be in the middle position, of course it is best. The point to note here is that the more oil is not the better, the higher the fluid level, the greater the resistance of the engine (because the crankshaft needs to constantly stir the oil sump oil to achieve splash lubrication). Ideally, the liquid level can be kept below the middle position, at which point the engine has the least resistance and the lowest fuel consumption, while the lubrication performance remains stable.


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