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What is the relationship between medical grade silicone hose and GMP?

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What is the relationship between medical grade silicone hose and GMP?

silicone hose

What is GMP? What is the relationship between GMP and medical grade silicone tubing? Many people may have doubts about this problem, because silicone tubing is a carrier used for the circulation and coating of liquid, gas and other materials, and GMP is a set of mandatory standards applicable to pharmaceutical, food and other industries. How can the two be related?

First of all, if a section of fluid needs to be transferred from one place to another in production or experiment, and the purity of this section of fluid has a great impact on the quality of the final product, or the accuracy of the experimental results. The cleanliness of this section of pipeline will have a huge impact on production and test, so the requirements for this section of pipeline will be very strict. At this time, the medical grade silicone hose can be put into use. The medical grade silicone tubings has a high level of health and environmental protection, meets the food and drug testing standards, and has passed the relevant quality testing reports of FDA and ROSH.

Secondly, in the process of drug production, if lower sanitary level pipes are used to connect each reaction tank, plasticizers and other impurities will be separated, affecting the safety of drug production, while medical silica gel pipes will not have these problems. It can be said that high-quality medical grade silicone tubings can avoid the introduction and generation of impurities in fluid transportation to the greatest extent, and help users eliminate unnecessary health hazards in the process of GMP certification.


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