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What is the best material for fuel lines?

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As we all know, if the fuel line leaks, it is easy to cause a  fire. Therefore, we have to choose the fuel line of suitable material according to our own needs.

What is the best material for the fuel line?

Do you want to buy a fuel line?

Rules during use

1、What is the best material for the fuel line?

In the past, the durability of fuel lines made of simple neoprene was not very good. Mainly because of the reconfiguration of gasoline components for different regions. Almost all gasoline is now mixed with 10% ethanol to increase the octane number. But it's as if alcohol can dry the skin. The destructive effect of ethanol  on the fuel line is greatly enhanced, and the original material is  no longer suitable. Therefore, PTFE pipelines, also known as polytetrafluoroethylene or other synthetic rubbers, appeared, which greatly solved this problem. As for what is the best material for the fuel line, the answer may be that the most suitable is the best. Below I introduce several materials.

Teflon hose

When you need outstanding wear resistance, please use PTFE hose. The hose is suitable for fuel systems including nitromethane and alcohol. It can also be used for brake lines, clutch lines, nitrous acid lines, power steering and vacuum lines, etc. Less physical damage, but can extend the service life of the vehicle.Generally speaking, it is practical.

Nylon braided lightweight hose

If you especially need lightweight materials, you can use nylon braided lightweight hoses. The hose is black or black with blue threads. The braided nylon cover protects the hose when it rubs against the engine or other car parts.

Stainless steel braided hose

The performance of the hose is similar to that of a lightweight nylon braided hose, but it is also common in the market if the outer layer is braided stainless steel.

fuel line

2、Do you want to buy a fuel line?

Nylon Fuel Line Kit Fiat Doblo And Lancia 51762137

Featyres :Lightweight and easy to install

Durable and high quality

A perfect aftermarket replacement

Automobile Domestic Injector fuel line 3900341

Features :Withstand high temperature

                  Lightweight and easy to install

                  Durable and high quality

                  A perect aftermarket replacement

3、Rules during use

During the disassembly process, be sure to place a rag around the fuel line joint. This action is to prevent fuel from spilling on you or a hot engine.

To reinstall the fuel line, use fixing clips and brackets in advance. If it is not properly supported, the fuel line may vibrate and malfunction.

Use flared nuts or pipe wrenches on fuel line fittings.

Only use approved double-wall steel pipes for fuel lines. Never use copper or plastic pipes. The fuel line should be used in combination.

When forming a new fuel line, use a bending spring or bending tool to make a smooth bend.

If you need to buy fuel lines, our company will provide a variety of materials for you to choose, come and see.


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