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What is conductive silicone hose and flame retardant silicone hose?

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What is conductive silicone hose and flame retardant silicone hose?

fire retardant silicone hose

Silicone hoses have been used in many aspects of industry and life. Although they are very common, there are still many market segments and uses for silicone hoses. As a professional silicone hose manufacturer, today we will introduce two more special silicone hoses, namely conductive silicone hose and flame-retardant silicone hose.

General pure silica gel is non-conductive, while conductive silicone hose is made by mixing, vulcanizing, molding and other processes by adding conductive materials. Due to its conductive properties, conductive silicone hoses are widely used in the electronics and electrical industries.

For electronic and electrical, automotive, aerospace and other fields, the application of silicone hoses is also essential, but flammability is also a major disadvantage of silicone tubings. In these industries, flame-retardant silicone tubings are used. The flame retardant silicone tubing is added with flame retardant, which reduces the surface temperature of the combustible, dilutes the concentration of combustible molecules, cuts off the supply of oxygen, forms a barrier layer, prevents heat energy, thereby inhibiting the temperature rise to achieve the purpose of flame retardancy.


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