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What is a fuel pipe quick connector?

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Maybe you didn't know so much about the small fuel pipe quick connectors in cars or motorcycles before. Regarding materials, product types, applications, and components, let us know more about it.

What is a fuel pipe quick connector?

Application of connectors

The benefits of quick connectors

1. What is a  fuel pipe quick connector?

Quick connectors are also called quick connect couplings. It can be used to connect at either end of the connection, either wire-to-wire or wire-to-device. Commonly used materials are nylon, rubber and brass. The product types of quick couplings are actually very wide, including leaking pipe joints, fuel pipe joints, starting couplings and SCR quick couplings. It can be assembled quickly without tools, which can reduce time and cost.

Quick connectors are available in linear, L, F, T and Y shapes. The main composition is composed of body, locking spring, fixed ring and O-ring. To install the pipe into the quick connect fitting, you only need to pass the pipe through the collet and O-ring, and then insert it into the body of the fitting. The entire joint is compact in structure and small in size, and can be used in very close installation conditions. It is very durable and reliable in the application, and provides good help for normal conveying work.

fuel pipe quick connectors

2. Application of connectors

Quick couplings are widely used and can be used for automobile fuel supply, oil return pipe, ventilation pipe, oil cooler line and vacuum control line. Normal connectors are all connected to the hose, and there are usually gasoline, diesel, air, water, oil vapor and other media in the hose. So have a certain understanding of the relevant parameters of its work. Different quick connector has different work environment.For example,the working temperature is about -40℃-115℃.and the operating pressure at work is approximately 10 bar overpressure. In view of these characteristics,  fuel pipe quick connectors are now getting better and better, and the integrated sealing performance can also reach the best state.

3. The benefits of quick connectors

Time-saving and labor-saving: When the fuel leakage pipe quick connector is used to disconnect and connect the oil circuit, the whole action is simple and can be quickly assembled without tools, reducing time and cost. It can even be assembled by robots to realize automated processes.

Save fuel: When the oil circuit is suddenly closed, the one-way valve on it can quickly close the oil circuit, so that the oil will not flow out and avoid the loss of oil and oil pressure. Can save fuel.

Convenient transportation: Large equipment or hydraulic tools that need to be carried quickly can be transported after being disassembled using quick couplings, and then assembled and used after reaching the destination. This reduces the trouble in transportation.

Economy: The above-mentioned various advantages actually bring economic benefits to customers.

It can be seen that although fuel pipe quick connectors are often overlooked in the entire car, they are actually playing their own roles. To ensure the normal progress of daily work, I hope that the above can help you understand them.


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