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What are the application areas of transparent silicone hose?

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What are the application areas of transparent silicone hose?

transparent silicone hose

The silicone hose is: environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It has been strictly tested by SGS and passed the standard silicone products of RoHs, PAHs and eight heavy metals. It is 100% completely non-toxic and odorless; exquisite silicone wire, silicone hose (bar), high pressure silicone hose, gear Shaped silicone hose, sealing tape, special-shaped strip, food grade (non-toxic) silicone hose (strip), medical grade silicone hose, medicinal silicone hose, braided silicone hose (used to transport working pressure, liquid food, pharmaceuticals and biological finished product), silicone sealed hose, flame-retardant silicone hose (strip), silicone foam hose (strip), high temperature resistant silicone hose; Function: cold and high temperature resistance. Harmless, non-toxic and tasteless;

Applicable to: small home appliances (coffee pots, kettles, irons, rice cookers, frying pans, disinfection cabinets, water dispensers, pulp machines, bread machines, gas appliances, water heaters, etc.) and electronic, automotive, medical and other mechanical products supporting.


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