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Tips for distinguishing silicone tube and rubber tube

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Tips for distinguishing silicone tube and rubber tube

silicone coolant hose

      Today, let’s talk about the general classification of silicone tubes in silicone products for your further understanding. Silicone tube is a kind of silicone rubber, which is a single-component room temperature vulcanized liquid rubber product. Silicone products are a kind of silicone rubber products, which are single-component room temperature vulcanized liquid rubber products. Once exposed to the air, the silane monomers in it will condense to form a network structure, the system is cross-linked, can not melt and dissolve, is elastic, and becomes a rubber product while bonding objects. Its thermal conductivity is slightly higher than that of ordinary rubber products. Once solidify, it is difficult to separate the bonded objects. Highly elastic polymer compounds for rubber products. Including unvulcanized and vulcanized varieties. It can be divided into two categories: natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber products are processed from latex obtained from rubber products plants. Synthetic rubber products are made by polymerization or condensation polymerization of monomers. Unvulcanized rubber products are commonly called raw rubber products or raw rubber. Vulcanized rubber products are called vulcanized rubber products, commonly known as vulcanized rubber products or rubber. It is widely used in the manufacture of tires, hoses, tapes, insulating materials, rubber shoes, and medical applications with silicone hoses.


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