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Reasons for aging of food grade silicone hose

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Reasons for aging of food grade silicone hose

food grade silicone hose

In recent years, food safety issues have been very bad, and paying attention to food safety is what people are most concerned about. Silicone hoes are widely used in food applications. Do you know the use life of food-grade silicone hoses? There are three reasons for the aging of food grade silicone hoses

1. External environmental reasons: mainly oxygen, oxide, ozone, heat, light, radiation, mechanical fatigue, lack of processing, etc. The influence of ozone is strengthened. With the increase of atmospheric ozone, the chemical activity of ozone strengthens and its destructiveness increases. It breaks the molecular chain. The influence of ozone on the food-grade silicone hose increases, and the ozone mainly acts on the deformed silicone hose to produce ozone cracking. Oxidation is also an aspect of silica gel aging. Oxygen in the rubber has an aging effect with silica gel molecules, and the molecular chain breaks, causing changes in the properties of silica gel. In addition, silica gel is easily damaged when wet, rained or soaked in water. Especially in the case of water immersion and atmospheric exposure, it will accelerate the aging of the food grade silicone hose. 2. Internal structure reasons: mainly include the type of rubber, the molding method, the degree of bonding, the type of drug, the factors in the processing engineering, etc.


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