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How to repair diesel leak off pipe?

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With the advent of fuel injection systems, the pressure on leak off pipe is higher than previously required. So, automakers are turning to more advanced leak off pipe connections to provide safer fuel line connections. Often, the only way to separate this tightly connected leak off pipes at the junction is to use a specialized tool -- the leak off pipe disconnect tool -- to take advantage of it. Once you understand the basics, using such a tool is easy. The following article will teach you more about how to use this tool to install and disconnect fuel line pipes.


Here are the main points of the article:

How do you use a leak off pipe disconnect tool?

How do you patch a leak off pipe?

What are the tips when dealing with a faulty leak off pipe?


1. How do you use a leak off pipe disconnect tool?

To correctly use a leak off pipe disconnect tool and gain the benefits of this tool when installing or disconnecting your leak off pipe, follow the steps below:

1. Start the engine and let it idle. When the engine is idling, remove the fuel pump fuse from the fuse box to stop the fuel pump. The owner's manual is a good source to determine the correct location of this specific fuse. Wait until the engine stops for lack of fuel - this will relieve pressure on the leak off pipe. Let the engine cool before trying to work on the leak off pipe.

2. Put on an eye patch. Clean fuel line connections that you wish to disconnect with automotive spray cleaner. The goal is to thoroughly remove all grease, dirt, dirt and sludge that may interfere with tool use or fall into the leak off pipe after disconnection. Clean the connection with a rag and grease knife. Dry the connection.

3. Choose the correct leak off pipe disconnect tool based on the size of the leak off pipe you are using. The tool itself looks like a small clothespin with an opening at one end. Most leak off pipe break assemblies come in a variety of tool sizes to meet all common leak off pipe diameters. Insert the open side down tool into the internal threaded portion of the leak off pipe connection. Open the middle of the tool and slightly open the tool's jaw. Push the tool down hard over the leak off pipe connection.

4. When you separate the ends of the leak off pipe, gently twist the leak off pipe open. You are ready to carry out additional leak off pipe repairs as needed.

 Leak off pipe

2. How do you patch a leak off pipe?

Your car's fuel lines supply gas from the tank to the carburetor, making combustion necessary for the engine to run. If you smell a strong smell of gas while driving, your leak off pipes may leak. In order to prevent an explosion, the device must be repaired immediately. If you're unsure about your ability to repair, it's best to take your car to a certified mechanic. The following steps are the way to deal with the faulty leak off pipes.

1. Find the fuel supply line in your engine. The fuel supply line is near the fuel filter at the back of the car, near the tank.

2. Place a towel under the leak off pipe to prevent gas leakage.

3. Unscrew the retaining nut with a wrench to remove the low-pressure leak off pipe for access to the high-pressure leak off pipe.

4. Slowly turn the connector off the high-pressure leak off pipe to relieve the fuel pressure in the leak off pipe. This prevents fuel injection.

5. Remove the high-pressure tubing and check for leaks. If the pipes leak, replace them. Extrude the epoxy from the fuel line pipe and, if it comes from the joint, coat the entire leak area with a thin layer of epoxy. Let the epoxy dry completely, then tighten the bolts. The use of fuel-resistant epoxies can be found in most automotive supply stores.


3. What are the tips when dealing with a faulty leak off pipe?

When the leak off pipe is disconnected, be careful not to leak any fuel from either end of the leak off pipe. A drop of fuel on a hot engine may cause a spark. It helps to use two crescent wrenches when tightening a new accessory. This will keep the connection in place while tightening the new parts. Do not overtighten or you will stretch the connector and cause new leaks.


Knowing how to use the leak off pipes correctly can help you avoid additional threats and troubles. For technical support, feel free to call out workers by the hotline.


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