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How to maintain the fuel line?

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Why does the soft fuel line harden? In order to reduce potential dangers, daily maintenance is essential.

Why does the fuel line harden?

Inspection and maintenance

Replace the fuel line regularly

1、Why does the fuel line harden?

This is indeed the case, and the hose may become stiff during continuous use. Especially the hose made of vinyl chloride, because it is usually a hard material used in the pipeline, in order to make it meet the use of automobile fuel lines, plasticizers are added during the manufacturing process, and the plasticizer molecules are located in Between vinyl chloride molecules, making it softer. But because it contains reinforcing agent, when it is exposed to external stimuli, such as ultraviolet rays, it will cause the reinforcing agent to flow out, which will cause the hose to harden.

fuel line

2、Inspection and maintenance

It can be seen from this situation that the internal situation of the car is still more complicated. If you want to avoid some failures in the fuel line or its connection, which may cause danger, you should check the system once a year. For example, how to check? The specific steps are to firstly disconnect the battery, jack up the car, and then support it on the axle frame, so as to check whether the entire pipeline is leaking, whether the joints are firm and each metal pipe Is it rusty? In short, it is necessary to ensure that the pipeline is firm and corrosion-free, and if there is a situation, deal with it in time.

Of course, if the problem is not serious, you can ensure the normal use of the fuel line through simple maintenance.

During the inspection process, a simple maintenance work can be performed on the hoses and joints. Of course, specific work must be carried out for different hose materials, such as wiping the hose and fixing the joints.

Use steel wire to clean any surface corrosion on the pipeline.

Ensure that the pipeline is not routed too close to the hot parts of the engine.

In short, the fuel line can be simply maintained according to the detailed content of the hose manual, but the maintenance can only increase its service life and cannot achieve the effect of once and for all, so the hose should be replaced regularly.

3、Replace the fuel line regularly

In fact, the fuel system inside the car is really very complicated, so no matter what parts have a service life. Generally, the service life of the fuel line is about 50,000 to 75,000 miles. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance work is particularly important, because the fuel pipe is the most common source of leakage in the fuel system, and there will be a risk of fire. This has to arouse our attention. And in most cases, when one of the fuel lines is damaged, it is best to replace them all to avoid further problems in the future. If this happens, the car will also issue various warning signs. For example, due to insufficient fuel in the combustion chamber, the car cannot be started or the car will start, but then the flame is quickly turned off due to lack of fuel and the car emits a distinct gasoline smell. If this happens, it is best to have professional repairs immediately.

Inspection and maintenance are all to ensure the normal use of the fuel line, so if there is a problem, don't hesitate to find a professional right away.

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