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How do food grade silicone tubings know the safety performance?

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How do food grade silicone tubings know the safety performance?

food grade silicone tubing

Food-grade silicone tubing is made of imported silicone raw materials, using scientific production technology, using batch method to produce raw rubber, aiming at high tear resistance and high transparency of gas-phase rubber, ultra-high and lower hardness of mixed rubber, functional mixing the silicone tube produced with the characteristics of glue, etc., this product has a wider range of adaptability.

Food-grade silicone tubings are widely used, and can be used as connecting pipes for medical equipment; casings for electrical instruments. And because its raw material food-grade silica gel is environmentally friendly silica gel, non-toxic, odorless and harmless, it is often used as food pipe products, connecting pipes for food machinery, water dispensers, coffee pots, etc. In addition, many baby products also use food-grade silica gel Tubes, such as baby bottle habit straws, baby cup tubes, etc.

One is temperature resistance, which should be able to withstand high and low temperatures. The heat resistance of food-grade commodities determines the safety factor of the commodity. If the heat resistance is weak, some harmful substances will appear during the entire use process, causing harm to the user.

Second, the light transmittance is average. The light transmittance of the food-grade silicone tubing is relatively good. When the actual operation of the raw material processing technology is completed, some practical operation methods can be used to make the colloidal solution stronger. This is used to improve the commodity.The products made by this system can improve the visual effect of customers.

Finally, no matter what product is made, it is odorless, and if they develop an odor during production, it will compromise the quality of the product, especially food-grade silicone products. However, the advantage of food-grade silicone tubing is that it has no odor, which makes it less likely to compromise the quality of the product during production, and it is basically difficult to rot when sealed.


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