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How can food grade silicone hoses last longer?

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How can food grade silicone hoses last longer?

Silicone Tubing for Peristaltic Liquid Pump

Generally speaking, the reasons for shortening the life of silicone hoses are affected by various external factors, such as excessive processing, light and heat, oxidation, radiation, and mechanical fatigue. Among these external reasons, the influence of ozone activity is greater. The amount of ozone in the atmosphere has increased, and its chemical activities have also increased. The final result is that the silica molecules in the silicone hose are oxidized, causing the molecular chain to break, thereby changing the performance of the silica gel and shortening its duration life.

When the food-grade silicone hose is in a humid and light environment for a long time, it is easy to accelerate its aging speed without proper protection measures.

If the food-grade silicone tubing you purchased is temporarily unused, we should wash it, sterilize it, and put it on a dry shelf.

When storing, avoid exposure to sunlight and ozone, in order to avoid it being placed in chemicals. In addition, we should use 45°C or 90°C to bend the head and tail of the interface to ensure that dust and harmful substances enter the tube. In this way, the food-grade silicone tubing can be stored for a longer time when it is not needed. When you use it, it still has the original performance and color. The silicone hose sealed with the airtight bag did not turn yellow or hard after a year. But for the unsealed, exposed silicone tubing, the product has obviously turned yellow and hardened over the past period of time.


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