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Clean the silicone hose of the baby bottle in time

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Clean the silicone hose of the baby bottle in time

food grade silicone tubings

The baby bottle is a necessity for the baby. Basically, it is always with the baby. It is a good helper for the mother. However, the silicone tube of the baby bottle can easily enter bacteria and it is not easy to clean. This time the baby is growing up. , The immunity is very weak, it is easy to get infected. So mothers must pay attention to how to clean the bottle

Baby bottles are a hotbed of bacteria and germs. Once they enter, they will multiply in large numbers. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the silicone hose of the baby bottle in time. Some mothers just simply wash it. In fact, this is far from enough. It looks clean on the surface, but it still exists. There are many bacteria, so it is not only necessary to clean, but more importantly, disinfection. The most practical method recommended here is boiling disinfection, but you must pay attention to the heat and time when boiling disinfection, so as not to boil the baby bottle. Now on the market There is an automatic sterilization pot for sale. If you have the conditions, you can buy one. Put the baby bottle and silicone tube in it to help the baby sterilize easily.


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