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The prospects of automotive pneumatic quick couplings

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The pneumatic quick coupling is a special connecting device that can quickly connect or disconnect the gas pipeline and realize quick disassembly and assembly of the pipeline. It has a quick insertion and a one-way check function after disconnection. The pneumatic quick coupling can realize the quick opening and closing of the gas pipeline, and the disconnection has the function of stopping the leak to prevent the air leakage, and has the advantages of less air pressure loss and convenient and quick operation of the on and off.

A pneumatic quick coupling includes a female connector connected to the air inlet pipe and a male connector connected to the air outlet pipe, and a locking sleeve is fixedly mounted on the air outlet end of the female connector, in the inner hole of the female connector and the locking sleeve A check valve spool with an exhaust passage is installed, and an intake end of the male coupling communicates with an exhaust passage of the check spool, and a guide sleeve is sandwiched between the lock sleeve and the inner wall of the female coupling, and the check is stopped. The spool is inserted into the inner bore of the guide sleeve, and a spool spring is supported between the guide sleeve and the check spool. The head of the check spool is closed and conical, opposite to the intake direction of the female coupling. a sealing ring groove is formed in the outer circumference of the check valve head, and an O-ring is embedded therein, and the front side wall of the check valve core is open to communicate with the check valve core exhaust passage Stomata.

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The pneumatic quick coupling is installed on the gas pipeline. The one-hand operation can realize the rapid connection and disconnection of the gas pipeline, which is convenient and quick, and has a non-return function in the disconnection to prevent air leakage. When the pipeline is connected, the gas entering from the female coupling is diverted through the conical head of the check valve, and then rapidly diffuses to the outer wall of the check valve core, and then enters the exhaust passage of the check valve core through the intake hole. , reducing the loss of air pressure. Due to the setting of the guide sleeve, the moving distance of the check valve core is increased, so that a larger air inlet hole can be opened in the side wall of the check valve core to increase the flow rate of the air flow. It effectively solves the problems of excessive pressure loss of existing quick couplings, inconvenient operation of off-and-off, and has good market prospects.


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