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How to distinguish the quality of silicone hose?

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How to distinguish the quality of silicone hose?

Shisha Silicone Tubes

Each product has its quality and requirements. It is the so-called one pay for every penny. Today, as a silicone tubing manufacturer, we will show you how to distinguish the quality of silicone tubing from good or bad!

1. Distinguish from the smell: The silicone hose has an smell, which is because the factory has not done follow-up treatment.

2. Distinguish from the transparency: Transparency is based on the requirements of the product. If it does not meet the requirements, the material may be incorrect.

3. Uniformity of wall thickness: uniform wall thickness is a good product, if one side is more and the other is less, this is a bad product.

4. Stretching: Pull hard by hand, white spots or apperas white silicone tubing are relatively poor quality silicone hose.

5. Color: severe changes after long-term use are poor quality silicone hose.


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