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How do you use a quick connecter?

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Leak off pipe connectors work mainly in gasoline and diesel delivery systems, ethanol, methanol or natural gas delivery systems or their steam or evaporative emission control systems. We will tell you more about the leak off pipe connectors in this article.


Here are the main points of the article:

  • How is the leak off pipe connector?

  • What makes a leak off pipe connector leak? 

  • What is the security of the leak off pipe connector?



1.How is the leak off pipe connector?

Performance: our diesel leak off pipe connector has the best performance and can withstand high temperature. Mainly used for conveying fuel in cylinders. To achieve this goal, our diesel leak off pipe connector proved to be the best choice because of its design and quality to withstand high pressure. 

Comfort: when it comes to cars, we always choose high-quality products that can improve the performance of our cars. Our leak off pipe connectors provide a safe fit for your Mercedes. The diesel injector can eject fuel at high pressure. 

Compatibility: our common rail diesel injectors are suitable for many car models. Plus, it's super easy to install. No tricks, tricks, or complex tools are required. It can be easily self-installed. 

Solid construction: providing the best quality to our customers is our primary goal. Made of durable materials that last a long time. It ensures the best match to the durability objectives of the engine. 

Customer satisfaction: customer satisfaction is our top priority. All our products are subject to strict quality inspection and strict manufacturing process. Our products can meet every small replacement requirement of your car.


2. What makes a leak off pipe connector leak? 

The most common cause of leakage is that the tubing is not pushed all the way, and the O-ring is not properly sealed. One trick is to measure 3/4 of an inch and draw a line through the tubing into the leak off pipe connector. This line should disappear in the fit. Another possible cause of the leak is that the tubing was not cut properly. If the tubing is cut in a diagonal shape instead of a square cut, the O-ring may not seal all the perimeter of the tubing. Another potential problem is torn O-rings. If the tubing is not cut correctly and it has a sharp point, the sharp point may damage the O-ring, making it impossible to seal. Too much side torque, or side load, can also cause leakage of the fittings. The pipe itself can extend the O-ring into an oval, which will create a leak in the seal and cause the leak off pipe connector to leak. Take the tubing apart often and use it to cause gradual damage to your tubing. The locking chuck inside the metal tooth bites into your tubing hard. Each time you remove the tubing from the leak off pipe connector, you may scrape off a small portion of the tubing. Over time, this frequent cleanup can cause your tubing to scrape so deep that it bypasses the O-ring and allows fuel to pass through. If you need an accessory that can be repeatedly connected and disconnected, consider using a quick-release accessory.


3. What is the security of the leak off pipe connector?

The quick joint adopts radial sealing structure of double sealing ring and modified rubber O-ring, which is mainly used for physical, chemical, customized, anti-aging, anti-corrosion and swelling of fluid. The outer O-ring is separated by an intermediate spacer ring. In the space corresponding to the two sealing rings, the rubber substrate does not bond, and the outer synthetic rubber O-ring is used to increase the mechanical properties and prevent air aging. The sealing ring and spacer ring are firmly fixed in the shell through the outer ring of the elastic clamping device, which will not cause the ring to fall off and shift. The security of big seal is guaranteed.


There's a lot to know when it comes to leak off pipe connectors. Each manufacturer chooses to build, size, and shape different accessories. Once you have a basic understanding of leak off pipe connectors and whether you need them or not, then browse the types of leak off pipe connectors so you can decide which quick connect accessories are right for you.


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