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How do you bleed air out of water pipes?

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The air may get trapped in the bleed pipes. The air in the bleed pipes also makes noise. When you first hear these voices, you may think something is terribly wrong. It's very difficult to get all the air out of your cooling system after replacing the pump or thermostat. Your engine can easily overheat, and if you don't exhaust the cooling system completely, you could damage the engine.


Here are the main points of the article:

  • What is the vacuum method of bleeding air in the bleed pipe?

  • What is the manual way of bleeding air out of the bleed pipes?

  • What are the other methods of bleeding air out of bleed pipes?



1.What is the vacuum method of bleeding air in the bleed pipe?

The manual method is an older variant of the coolant system for bloodletting. Some cars have an air release valve to pull air out of the system, while others don't, which makes it more difficult. However, their methods are the same. See the following step-by-step guide to reduce the efficiency of your car's cooling system.

vacuum method: To use this method, you need a vacuum tool and compressed air (depending on the tool). The method, however, is to create a vacuum, suck out all the air from the bleed pipe in a few seconds, and then fill all the vacuum space with the cooling system. This is a very effective method, if you have the tool, you never have to worry about the car bleeding. You will get a perfect result, each time the process is in less than a minute.


2. What is the manual way of bleeding air out of the bleed pipes?

If you do not use compressed air and vacuum cooled exhaust valves, you can also use manual.

1.get your anti-freeze ready and fill up: The first step in this guide is to make sure your antifreeze is ready. You should always use the right coolant, which is what your manufacturer needs. The wrong type of coolant can damage your engine! If you are not sure which coolant you should have, check your maintenance manual or contact your authorized dealer. In general, mix the coolant with 50% water and 50% coolant (in the case of concentrated antifreeze). Be sure to read the coolant instructions for proper use. If you live in a cold country, you have to make sure the coolant mix is correct. If your coolant freezes in your engine, you will destroy your engine.

2. Jack up the front of the car: In this way, you can get the air out of the bleed pipe more easily. Especially if your tank cap is on your radiator. If your car has an external expansion tank, this may not be necessary. To raise the front of the car, you can either use a jack or place the car on a steep hill facing up. If you are using a jack to lift your car, check your repair manual to find the right jack top and don't damage anything under the car. If you want to use a jack, use a good quality jack, not a jack in your car. These jacks were dangerous and caused many injuries.

3. Fill up your coolant: Now that the front car is lifted, it's time to fill your coolant as much as possible. If your engine has air bleed valves, open them while you add coolant. Close them when coolant is flowing out. Antifreeze is toxic and you should always check that your coolant does not flow to the floor or to any Wells on the road. All coolant should be returned to the local environmental assessment. Remember, if any animal drinks the coolant, they can get sick and even die.

4. Start the engine

5. Turn the climate control heat to max: Depending on the car, but many cars use a valve that will limit the flow of coolant from inside the hot pack in the car if the climate control is set to cold. Other cars will change the direction of the airflow, not the coolant flow, so this step won't make any difference for these cars.

6. Rev up your engine.


3. What are the other methods of bleeding air out of bleed pipes?

There are two other ways to draw air out of your bleed pipes. Some vehicles actually have bleed valves specifically for this problem, located on top of or in front of the radiator. Open the valve and drain the air above the radiator.


Hope you now get a better understanding about the air in water pipes and how to bleed pipes.


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