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What kind of silicone tubing is industrial grade?

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What kind of silicone tubing is industrial grade?

industrial grade silicone hose

Silicone hoses can be divided into industrial-grade silicone tubings, food-grade silicone hoses, and sanitary-grade silicone tubings (also called medical grade silicone hoses) according to the raw materials for production and the environment and requirements of use. Different types of silicone tubes have strict quality classification and quality requirements.

Due to the different raw materials, chemical properties and heat resistance of silicone tubings, they are often used in industrial production, food, biopharmaceuticals and other industries to transport solids such as pH organic solvents, dust and fine particles.

The industrial grade silicone tubing mainly adopts the unique high temperature resistance performance of silicone tubing, analytical chemical ductility and aging resistance, and can continue to work in a high temperature environment of more than 200 degrees for a long time. Silicone tubings are UV-resistant and anti-brittle, and are generally used to transport industrial production raw materials and chemical products. The hose is generally made of silicone tubing raw materials, which are produced according to the stamping process.

Food-grade silicone hoses are manufactured using raw materials that meet food-grade requirements, and chloroprene is used for catalytic reaction rate conversion to ensure that the manufactured hoses do not fall off. Food grade silicone hose is a service facility hose for bottled products such as alcohol, healthy drinks, edible oil, and milk bottles. Food grade silicone hose has good high temperature resistance, traction resistance and bending properties, and can be shaken for a long time, so it is also an ideal service facility hose for metering pumps.

Sanitary grade silicone tubing is a high-cleaning silicone tube. All manufacturing processes must be manufactured on a high-cleanliness production line. The hose is widely used in the clean and sanitary biopharmaceutical industry, high-cleaning laboratories, laboratories and machinery. Pump weighing and other scientific research and experimental projects.


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