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What is a fuel pipe?

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What exactly is a fuel pipe? What kind of material is more suitable for you? What should we pay attention to during the repurchase process? Let's take a look at the answer.

What is the fuel pipe?


What should I pay attention to when buying it?

1、What is the fuel pipe?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency usually defines a fuel pipeline as "all hoses or pipes designed to contain liquid fuel  or fuel vapor." It mainly includes the fuel filler, the connection between the dual fuel tanks and the connection of the carbon canister to the fuel tank. All hoses or pipes. But it does not include hoses or pipes used to transport crankcase vapor to the engine's airintake, nor any hoses or pipes open to the atmosphere. The fuel pipe of a car is to take the gasoline passing the gasoline from   the gasoline tank into the fuel pump. From there, fuel is injected into the combustion chamber of the engine through fuel injection or carburetor.

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Fuel pipes are usually made of different materials, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. The most commonly used material is reinforced rubber. We usually use it as the first choice for fuel pipelines, because of their own characteristics, which can prevent the pipeline from kinking and cracking. In order to ensure that the fuel line material you purchase may withstand the presence of fuel vapor and liquid fuel at the same time. There are other materials for fuel pipes including stainless steel, plastic, galvanized steel and nylon. But before you buy, you must conduct different reviews, and understand what type of pipeline you need, and make a correspondence, which is actually very necessary.

So the best fuel line material mainly depends on your needs. Generally speaking, it is better to use PTFE or PTFE fuel pipes.

The PTFE fuel line is made of plastic material, which is specifically called Teflon. The characteristic of this fuel line material is that it is impermeable, so its advantage is that it can resist fuel degradation caused by the vapor barrier. However, just like coins have two sides, they also have disadvantages. It is inelastic, so it is very  easy to kink. However, if you use good bending tools when forming bends and curves, you can prevent this.

3、What should I pay attention to when buying a it?

Fuel type: As I mentioned earlier, when buying a fuel pipe, the first thing you should consider is the purpose and location of the fuel pipe. This can help you choose the right fuel line to meet your current needs. For example, if you are using a fuel line to transport diesel, then the line marked "Diesel" is suitable. If you need a pipeline to transport high-ethanol fuel, you must ensure that the fuel pipeline can withstand the demand for alcohol mixed fuel.

PSI rating: In fact, different fuel lines have completely different PSI ratings. The rating should depend on where you install the fuel line. When looking at the PSI of the pipeline, please consider both the working PSI and the burst PSI of the fuel pipeline. Therefore, the fuel injection engine should have a higher fuel pressure than the carburetor.

Applicability: Some applications require you to use a flexible fuel hose. The flexibility of the fuel line mainly depends on the material of the fuel line. For example, most filler pipes made of nylon are very soft and can even be bent by hand. To do this, check the flexibility of the tube to see if it meets your requirements.

Inner and outer diameter: Most fuel pipes indicate their inner and outer diameters. If it cannot be stated, the diameter given is mainly for external use. So check in advance whether the diameter is suitable for the size of the pipeline.

Okay, I believe that after reading this article, you will be able  to quickly buy a fuel pipe that suits you, so come to our company to buy it.


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