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What causes the silicone hose to burst?

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What causes the silicone hose to burst?

Silicone Hose for Peristaltic Pumps

Quality problems have always been a big problem regardless of the industry, and silicone tubes are no exception. Sometimes we will burst during use, which seriously affects the use effect. One part of the reason may be the reason for inferior products. Of course, there are other reasons worth exploring, so what caused the silicone tubing to burst?

Generally, it is not caused by too much static pressure, but related to the severity and frequency of pressure shocks. When the construction machinery is in operation, the oil pressure in the oil pipe will repeatedly rise or fall suddenly, and the oil pipe is subjected to frequent pressure shocks, which will cause foaming and rupture of the high-pressure silicone pipe and loosening and leakage of the pipe joint.

Secondly, the reason for the bursting of the silicone hose: the use temperature of the oil in the stainless steel metal hose is too high. Silicone tube is a product made by adding raw silicone rubber to a double-roller rubber mixer or a closed kneader, gradually adding white carbon black and other additives to refine evenly, and extruding.

When the hydraulic system heats up the oil due to power loss, coupled with the influence of external air temperature, the oil temperature can rise sharply. The higher the temperature of the oil, the more likely the rubber will age, the elasticity will deteriorate, the strength and sealing performance will decrease, and the hose will burst soon. Therefore, during operation, when the temperature rise of the hydraulic system is too high or too fast, the cause should be found out in time and eliminated.

The selection and installation of high-pressure silicone tubes are unreasonable. When replacing the large-diameter high-pressure silicone tube, the length of the high-pressure silicone hose, the number of steel wire layers, the shape and size of the joint should be reasonable, and the bending degree of the high-pressure silicone tubing should be minimized; when tightening the joint nut, do not make the silicone tube Distortion, excessive bending and twisting will greatly reduce the service life of the high-pressure silicone tubing; protective measures should be taken for some parts that are prone to friction to prevent the high-pressure silicone hose from bursting due to wear.

In short, in order to select a good silicone tube, some methods can be used to identify it. Generally speaking, the better silicone tube has a slight smell, mainly because of the residue of the vulcanizing agent. If it is placed in the air for a few days, The smell will be eliminated, and the poorer silicone tube, the smell is more smelly, and the nose smells very harsh.


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