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SCR Urea Tube Quick Connector for Automobile

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There are many kinds of pipes in the car, including fuel pipes, urea pipes, coolant pipes, and so on. In order to connect the pipelines relatively quickly during assembly and maintenance, it is now common to use a quick connector to connect the two pipes to be connected together. The use of vehicle urea in automotive engines enables tail gas treatment to reduce environmental pollution. In order to facilitate the injection of the vehicle urea solution into the engine, a SCR urea tube quick connector is required. The existing  SCR urea tube quick connector mostly adopt the principle of short deformation of the plastic snap ring, and the male connector is pulled out or inserted into the female connector, and a large force is required in the process of temporarily deforming the plastic ring. In addition, the sound of the "P card" is used to judge whether the male connector is inserted, but because the assembly workshop and the maintenance workshop are relatively noisy, the method of judging whether the male connector is inserted or not is unreliable. If the male connector is not inserted, the urea solution leaks, which will corrode the car parts and cause bad consequences.

In order to overcome the problem of the unloading of the existing  SCR urea tube quick connector and the unreliable sound signal of the male connector. STANDARDS provides a reliable quick connector for the SCR urea tube for automobiles.

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A quick connector for a SCR urea tube for an automobile, comprising a male connector, a snap member and a female connector, the male connector comprising a male connector connecting tube, a urea inlet connecting portion, an annular plate and an annular protrusion, wherein the female connector is vertically connected a hollow structure, the female connector includes a female connector connecting tube, a locking portion and a urea outlet connecting portion, the latching member includes a latching portion and a handle portion, the latching portion is provided with a connecting through hole, and the connecting portion is connected The hole is provided with a semi-circular notch on a side away from the handle portion; the handle portion is provided with a waist groove, and the length direction of the waist groove is arranged along the moving direction of the buckle; the locking portion includes a step, The elongate plate and the positioning post have a stepped through hole at a center thereof, and the step is provided with a cavity for the fastener to pass through and move left and right along the left and right direction.

STANDARDS provides a quick connector for automotive urea pipes with easy assembly and disassembly of the male connector, reliable clamping, and reliable insertion of the male connector.


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