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Method for identifying fake and inferior medical grade silicone hose

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Method for identifying fake and inferior medical grade silicone hose

LAB grade silicone hose

Medical grade silicone rubber tubing are generally used in medical and health and other aspects, and they are also the key of the state's supervision. The production cost is generally higher than that of ordinary silicone hose, but it has many similarities with ordinary silicone tubing. Therefore, some black-hearted businessmen just use this to make huge profits and make them shoddy. There are similarities in instant heat, so there must be differences. The difference is the method of identifying medical grade silicone tubing. Here is a brief introduction of 6 methods.

1. Medical grade silicone hose material overflow

(1) Standard: From the key surface down, the height of the single color material is greater than or equal to the height of the exposed shell 1.0MM, and it is better to be invisible after installing the shell.

(2) Detection method: measure with vernier caliper

2. Medical grade silicone tubing burrs

(1) Standard: positioning hole: ≤0.1MM product edge: ≤0.5MM

3. The medical grade silicone tubings is broken

(1) Standard: No impact on assembly and use performance: ≤1.0MM

(2) Detection method: measure with vernier caliper

4. Silicone tube color

(1).Standard: The silicone is not exposed after vulcanization and assembly, and there is no big difference.

(2) Detection method: under bright natural light or 40W fluorescent lamp, put the standard sample or color card and the sample to be calibrated together, with a visual acuity of 1.0 or more, and a color-blind professional with a 30cm distance between the naked eye and the sample Check visually for 5 seconds.

5. Medical grade silicone tubing eccentric

(1) Standard: H thick-H thin elastic wall thickness ≤0.1MM, X=20℅ during mold inspection; when elastic wall thickness ≤0.2MM, X=15℅H thickness H thin elastic wall thickness ≤0.3 In MM, X=8% during mold inspection

(2) Detection method: test with thickness meter.

6.Medical grade silicone hose-color dots and concave point and convex point

(1) Standard: The exposed part of the silicone after the customer assembly: No obvious visible

(2) Detection method: under bright natural light or a 40-watt fluorescent lamp, place the sample at about 30cm away from the naked eye and visually inspect for 5 seconds by a person with a vision of 1.0 or more. The pharmaceutical grade medical silicone tube and medical silicone hose are made of silicone rubber, which is translucent,food and pharmaceutical grade, odorless and tasteless, mirror-like surface treatment, reinforced layer structure, high-resistance polyester layer and implanted AISI304 spiral stainless steel wire surface.Friction to cause particles, which can be cleaned with different cleaning agents. Temperature range -60℃ to 180℃. It can be used for steam at 135℃ and hot air at 180℃ sterilization for no more than 30 minutes. Safety factor ≥3 times the working pressure standard complies with the silicone rubber of the Food and Drug Administration and the European Pharmacopoeia.


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