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Medical grade silicone tubings

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Medical grade silicone tubings

medical grade silicone tubings

With the continuous advancement of human science and technology, silicone tubes have also been widely used in our lifes. Today I will introduce medical grade silicone tubes to everyone. 1. Principle of application: Medical grade silicone tubings are made of imported silicone rubber raw materials. The minimum inner diameter of this product is 0.4 mm. The small inner diameter makes it easy to enter the human body. Medical grade silicone hoses have passed the biocompatibility test. After being implanted in human tissues, it will not cause foreign body response, and the product will not cause any inflammation even if it stays in the body for 20 days. Among them, the lifetime of the special silicone tube for peristaltic pump can exceed 175 hours. Because of this, it is widely used in medical and health area. 2. Features: Medical grade silicone tubing is a colorless, odorless and harmless rubber tube with excellent resistance to high and low temperatures. It can be normal whether it is in an environment of minus 50 degrees Celsius or at a high temperature of 250 degrees Celsius. At the same time, it also has weak acid and alkali resistance. Strong transparency, strong elasticity and good softness, even if it is twisted by the human body, it will not deform. In addition, the medical grade silicone tube is also resistant to arc and corona. It is chemically stable and physiologically lazy. Because of this, it confirm to the food and drug testing standards, it will not show discoloration when placed at room temperature, and will not produce incrustation when placed in water for a long time. 3. Application range: Medical grade silicone tubings are often used in food and medical machinery, ventilators, medical diversion, biopharmaceuticals, medical research, medical analytical instruments, hemostatic instruments, biological research institutes, chemical laboratories and other fields.

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