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Is the more transparent the medical grade silicone tubing, the better the quality?

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Is the more transparent the medical grade silicone tubing, the better the quality?

Silicone Peristaltic Pump Tubing

Many friends have questions about the transparency of medical grade silicone tubings. The higher the transparency, the better the quality of the medical grade silicone hose? Many friends think so, because the silicone tubes we usually see are very transparent. But that's because it has thinner walls and a smaller silicone tube, so it looks transparent.

In fact, medical grade silicone tubings are generally translucent, not as transparent as we think, because the color of the silicone itself is translucent. If it is made into a highly transparent silicone tubing, it will change the physical structure of the silicone itself, thereby changing the parameters, and ultimately affecting the service life of the medical grade silicone tubing. Although theoretically possible to be very transparent, it is not realistic. This is determined by the properties of silicone rubber raw materials.

However, compared with ordinary silicone tubings, medical grade silicone tubes have the characteristics of high transparency, odorless, aging resistance, good tear resistance, good resilience, permanent deformation, weak acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, and low temperature resistance. It can work normally in the range of -50~250 degrees, and has good insulation performance and air permeability. Generally, imported silicone materials or platinum silicon tubes are used as raw materials.

As far as medical grade silicone tubing is concerned, transparency is not a quality criterion, but depends on the manufacturing process of medical grade silicone tubing and whether the product meets its application parameters.


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