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Introduction of Urea Connectors

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Introduction of Urea Connectors

urea fittings

 As environmental protection is getting more and more attention, many diesel vehicles are equipped with urea selective catalytic reduction systems (SCR system urea quick connectors are used in trucks and automobiles). The adblue quick connector is needed to provide a fast and safe transfer connection from the urea solution tank to the metering module.

 The SCR quick connector has a plug-in and self-locking structure, and it can be operated only by leaving a finger-width operation space on each side. The connection installed with the urea connectors can be arranged in high density. This not only increases the flexibility of the manufacturer in the functional design, improves efficiency to reduce costs, but also makes the connection and disconnection operations in the assembly and future maintenance on the production line faster and simpler. 

SCR pipe quick connector

The structure of the adblue connectors is not complicated. There is a connector shell that contains all other components, the inner and outer O-rings are specially for sealing, plus the isolation ring and the outer safety ring, of course, it must contains self-locking catch. When the other half (male connector) of the urea pipe quick connector is inserted in, it will be buckled by the self-locking buckle with certain elasticity, and then the buckle fastener can be used to ensure a firm connection. Pull back properly after installation to ensure that the installation is in place, and the sealing contact surfaces of the urea hose quick connector can also be in close contact. 

When repairing and disassembling, you need to press the buckle buttons at both ends of the self-locking buckle to release the internal buckle. Then push the male connector forward until the middle section of the self-locking buckle expands and it can be easily pulled out. Remember to apply grease to the surface of the male connector before reassembly. 

The double sealing ring radial direction sealing structure ensures the safety of the quick connector. The inner O-ring directly contacts the fluid in the pipeline, and the material used needs to be customized according to the physical and chemical properties of the fluid. The outer O-ring is made of synthetic rubber to enhance mechanical properties and prevent air aging. The elastic bayonet device of the outer retaining ring will fix the sealing ring and the isolation ring in the shell so that it will not fall off or shift. 

The urea line quick connector can work for the cooling of the car and the pipeline of the SCR system. The temperature range during minus 40 degrees to 150 degrees above zero. It can be used in a 150 degree environment for a short time. The maximum working pressure should not exceed 5 atmospheres. Withstand a negative pressure of 0.5 atm. 

product advantages: 

The assembly is quick and easy, no tools are required.

 Compact structure, can be used in environments where space is particularly limited 

It can be applied to pipe-to-pipe connection and pipe-to-equipment connection


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