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How do you clean clogged leak off pipe?

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In brief, the oil return pipe pulls the remaining diesel from the injector head back into the pipe and returns the unused diesel through a filter. The following article will tell you how to clean clogged fuel injector spill rail.



Here are the main points of the article:


1.How do you know if the fuel injector spill rail is clogged?

The Leak Off Tube is part of the fuel system, so the first sign of a blockage or clog is difficulty starting the car. When there is a blockage, the fuel leaves the tank but does not go into the engine because the passage into the engine, the fuel line, is blocked.


2. How do you clean a clogged diesel leak off hose and injector?

A clogged diesel injector return line and fuel injector can hamper your car's performance, at the same time reducing its power and range. Clean the injector leak off lines and injector once a year to keep the engine running smoothly. Injector cleaning tool is simple to use and affordable. Taking care of your car will pay off in the long run. Here are some steps to follow:

1.Buy a fuel injection return hose and fuel injector cleaning kit with PEA cleaning fluid. Find a cleaning tool that works for your car. An injector cleaner and a hose connecting it to the fuel gauge shall be included in your kit. For best results, choose a cleaning solution containing PEA, which dissolves thick carbon deposits on the diesel leak off pipe and fuel injector more efficiently than other ingredients. Most injector return line and fuel injector cleaning tools can be used on any type of vehicle, but you should read the packaging or ask the shop staff to confirm. You can buy cleaning tools also from our company. Detergents containing PIB prevent the creation of new sediments, but do not remove existing ones. Detergents containing PIBA can remove and prevent accumulation, but they are milder and less effective than the pea cleaner.

2. Check the engine layout of your vehicle for the leaking fuel return hose and fuel injectors. Different types of engines have different layouts, so your fuel injector return hose or injectors can be hard to find. Check your vehicle manual to determine the location of the injector return line and the fuel injector. You can also look up your car online to find this information. Once you find the fuel injector, mounted under the hood of the car, the leaking injector line shall be found too.


3. What can you do when the Leak Off Return Pipe is clogged?

1.Remove the fuel pump from the injector. Support the fuel pump, which should be on the side of the engine. Gently pull out the injector and separate it from the pump. Once they are removed, connect the fuel return line to the fuel pump, so that when you clean the diesel return fuel line and the injector, the diesel inside will return to the tank. You can also insert a u-tube to guide the gas into the tank. If you are not sure how to disconnect the injector correctly, follow the vehicle instructions in the vehicle manual.

2. If you have pressure adjusting vacuum tube, please disconnect it. If your car has a fuel pressure regulator, find it and look for vacuum tubes connected to it. Fix the vacuum tube above the connection with the regulator. Gently pull it out and pull it apart. Check your vehicle manual to see if you have to do this. The regulator is usually mounted on the back of the injector.

3. Connect the cleaning tool to the fuel entrance. Find the fuel port, which should be connected to the fuel rail of your engine. Follow the detailed instructions on how to connect hoses and fittings to ports in your cleaning kit. This will vary from kit to kit. Make sure the Fuel Injector Return Pipe and the injector does not touch the fuel, as the detergent is flammable.

4. Remove the cap from the tank to prevent pressure buildup. The cleaner will use a burst of pressure to inject a cleaning solvent into the spill lines and the injector to remove debris and dirt. Be sure to remove the cap before you start cleaning. This prevents overpressure from building up and causing combustion.

5. Turn the car around and let the cleaning fluid enter your syringe. Check again that your fuel pump is off. Start the engine and let it run. Once the cleaning fluid is used up, the motor will automatically stop running.

6. Remove your cleaning kit and reconnect the injector spill rail and injector. Remove hose and fittings from refueling port. Reconnect fuel pump power and pressure regulator vacuum hose. Put the fuel cap back to where it should be.


You can follow the steps above to clean your leak-off pipe and the injector, but if you need help, we are always ready to help you.


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