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What is the function of SCR quick connector

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The equipment has various types of hoses, such as fuel line,  urea pipes, coolant pipes, and fuel return pipes. It is now common to connect two pipes using quick couplers to connect the pipes relatively quickly during assembly and maintenance.

Here are the main points of the article:

1. The function of urea line/urea pipe

2. The application of SCR quick connector

3. The structure of SCR quick connector

4. How to replace a new SCR quick connector


The function of urea line/urea pipe

scr quick connector (18)


The use of vehicle urea in automotive engines enables tail gas treatment to reduce environmental pollution. Heated SCR line links the tank to the injection system on the exhaust line, supplying it with AdBlue® fluid.

The urea line is used for transporting urea solution in Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR), in a low temperature environment.

If something wrong with the urea line, the urea solution will crystallize, and urea cannot be injected and flowed normally in an automotive SCR system. Then the vehicle cannot operate normally. So the heated urea linecan melt the crystallized urea into a liquid solution.


The application of SCR quick connector

For better facilitating the injection of the vehicle urea solution into the engine, a SCR urea pipe quick connector is required.

Nowadays, the heating urea line is no longer a simple straight line as in the past, and it is necessary to shape the line to the desired shape for the vehicle. The layout is installed. At present, the structure of the urea pipe on the market mostly connects the pipe body with the quick connector, connects with other parts of the SCR system on the automobile , and provides a heating preservation component on the pipe body to make the flow through the heating.

The SCR quick connector are connected with the urea pipe, the inner diameter of urea pipe is equivalent to the outer diameter of the SCR quick connector.


The structure of SCR quick connector

scr quick connector (16)

The SCR quick connector is comprised by female connector and the matching male connector.Female connector is comprised by 5 components, locking spring, securing ring, outer O-ring, spacing ring and inner O-ring.

The function of locking spring and securing ring is locking male connector when it inserts, and you can hear a sound signal when it is locked.The double o-rings is for sealing and preventing air coming , if air comes will cause rubber aging and water or fuel leakage.The spacing ring in between is preventing the sticking of two O-ring.

Then is the end piece of connector is the fir tree or rib design, matching with PA pipe or rubber hose, and the outer diameter is corresponding with the inner diameter of fuel pipe.


How to replace a SCR quick connector

The SCR quick connector for automotive urea pipes is easily to assemble and disassemble of the male connector.

If the SCR quick connector need to get a new one, you could only replace the damaged connectors instead of the entire urea pipe with these direct-replacement connectors.

 If there is one section of urea pipe leakaging or something wrong, you could just cut the section off and reconnect the urealine with quick connector, instead of the entire assembly.

The urea connector presisely fit and it function like the vehicle's original equipment connectors for reliable, leak-free performance.


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