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Why does the silicone hose appear oily?

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Why does the silicone hose appear oily?

Silicone Peristaltic Pump Tubing

Why do silicone products produce oil? Sometimes in some silicone ice trays, silicone garlic peelers, and daily necessities with more comprehensive carriers, oil will appear to make the product feel sticky. This is because the raw materials The mixture of silicone oil and white mineral oil is infiltrated, resulting in conflict with silica and oil out. This product is generally a compound added to make the product tougher and softer.

Reasons for silicone oil production: First of all, it does not emit oil by itself. The phenomenon of silicone oil emission is due to the addition of composite silicone oil during the operation process, and white mineral oil extracts petrochemical products, not silicone oil.

Secondly, the reason for adding too much curing agent is that the silicone mold is oily compared to solid high-temperature vulcanized silicone. Its liquid adhesive has good fluidity, fast vulcanization, and is safer and more environmentally friendly. Too much release agent in the mold will cause oil on the surface of the silicone product, and too much silicone oil in the raw material may also cause oil on the product. There are also some special materials, which may cause chemical reactions and other reasons in special production environments. That is because the sealant contains silicone oil, which is used to dilute the silicone, which is caused by the separation of the silicone oil and the base rubber, which may be a product quality problem.

Finally, too much internal release agent added, or the problem of the rubber compound, will also cause the silicone products to be oily. In order to solve the problem of silicone oil, the fundamental solution is to add less silicone oil in the production process of silicone products. It is best not to add silicone oil. If it is really necessary, the amount of silicone oil added should not exceed 5%~10% at most. Because the addition of too much silicone oil will destroy the molecular weight of the silica gel, the silicone products made will have the phenomenon of not being resistant to acid and alkali, and not resistant to aging.


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