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Whether the food grade silicone tubings smells?

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Whether the food grade silicone tubings smells?

Pharmaceutical factory silicone tubing

Is it normal for food grade silicone tubing to smell? First of all, silicone hoses generally have no odor. Food-grade stainless steel silicone tubings are generally made of Pergold metal catalysts. In the case of some types of silicone liquids, they may be mild due to the presence of other ingredients such as methacrylate.  But if the food-grade stainless steel silicone is molded, it should not smell strongly. Silicone products have a smell, is this smell harmful? How to eliminate it?

From the perspective of raw materials: silica gel is a kind of pure natural low-carbon environmentally friendly raw material, different main uses of silica gel raw materials can be tested according to relevant test standards, such as baby bottle nipple, can be tested according to food-grade stainless steel silicone, and silicone medical accessories can be tested according to diagnosis and treatment , If you can't believe the inspection report, the love of this product in Europe and the United States is the best proof. Especially silicone kitchen utensils, which silicone cake molds, silicone spoons have long been in every corner of daily life, and there are also some silicone omelettes, all of which are food-grade stainless steel silicone high-temperature molding. Regarding the smell of silicone products, this smell is not harmful and does not harm the body. The molding of silica gel products mainly rely on this to catalyze reaction molding. If you encounter a silicone product that smells like that, you can put the product in a cool place for a while, and the smell will dissipate. The key to this kind of smell is the concentration of a large number of silicone products together, which causes that smell.


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