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What is the reason for the yellowing of large-caliber silicone hose?

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What is the reason for the yellowing of large-caliber silicone hose?

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There are many reasons for yellowing: manufacturers will also produce yellowing during the production process. For example, large-caliber silicone hoses will mostly turn yellow during use; in addition, the yellowing of the diaphragm of the silicone rubber aeration hose is mostly caused by improper operation during the production process. , Yellowing, different yellowing causes need to be improved by different methods.

The product turns yellow quickly during use: the reason that large-diameter silicone hose turns yellow usually occurs in dry, unventilated, airtight, high temperature, outdoor, direct ultraviolet radiation or chemical reaction environment, but in normal environment, the yellowing speed is relatively slow, can be used for 1 to 5 years, so it can be determined whether the product can be used in these environments.

  1. In a dry, unventilated and enclosed environment, the yellowing of large-diameter silicone hoses should be improved in the storage and use environment. The storage environment of silica gel should be ventilated and cooled. Under certain conditions, the temperature in the warehouse can be kept at room temperature. The environment can be properly watered to maintain humidity, or an electric fan can be used to cool down to keep the humidity of the silica gel relatively stable. The yellowing of silica gel indicates that the silica gel is in the process of high-speed loss, which needs to arouse people's attention. There are also some large-caliber silicone hoses that need to be assembled in a sealed environment. For example, when used in a sealed environment, they will inevitably turn yellow when assembled in some products, but the problems that can be solved by the manufacturer can be solved from the source, or the base material or Accessories. Adding an anti-yellowing agent in the production process can greatly reduce yellowing.

2. Outdoor high temperature yellowing: The common reason is that the product is exposed to the limit value of silica gel performance. For example, using 200 and long-term high temperature resistance, using ordinary industrial-grade large-diameter silicone hose (the upper limit of temperature resistance is 200), resulting in excessive operation of silica gel, which is accelerated an important reason for the yellowing speed of silica gel. The improved method can not only control the cost, but also reduce the yellowing speed of silica gel. In order to completely solve the yellowing problem caused by high temperature, high temperature silica gel can be used directly instead. In addition, outdoor yellowing is due to the large-diameter silicone hose being directly exposed to the sun through wind and rain, and physical factors lead to accelerated aging. Secondly, the drop of outdoor temperature is also one of the influencing factors. It is recommended to avoid long-term outdoor use or choose bright colors such as black and yellow to delay the yellowing speed or hide the yellowing color.

3. Product yellowing caused by chemical reaction or slightly corrosive environment: If the large-caliber silicone hose needs to contact some slightly corrosive liquid or some chemical contacts, the silica gel will also turn yellow and melt violently, which means that the silica gel cannot be in contact with strong acids and alkalis. . The improved method can use a new silica gel material (fluorosilicone) for acid-base treatment (higher cost), which solves the acid-base problem and naturally solves the problem of yellowing of silica gel.

Another reason that affects the yellowing of large-caliber silicone hoses is the problem at the production end. Many customers' storage and use environments are suitable for the silica gel environment, but the yellowing speed of the product is still relatively fast, indicating that the product itself has problems.


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