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What is the insulation performance of thin-walled silicone tube?

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What is the insulation performance of thin-walled silicone tube?

Silicone Peristaltic Pump Hose

Thin-walled silicone hose: Compared with some organic thermoplastics, the appearance and mechanical properties of thin-walled silicone hose are best described as "translucent". This result is due to the silicone elastomer thin-walled silicone tubing, which consists of a silicone polymer and amorphous silica. Because the refractive indices of the two materials are different and there is no specific mixing method to match them, thin-walled silicone tubing is translucent.

The thin-walled silicone hose is hydrophobic, and the contact angle of water on the surface of the polydimethylsiloxane model is 108°. Due to this hydrophobicity, the thin-walled silicone tubing does not react with the aqueous medium when the surfactant is insufficient, and only reacts in the environment of strong alkali and strong acid.

Thin-wall silicone tubing cannot be reprocessed like thermoplastics. Similarly, thin-walled silicone tubings cannot be heat-sealed. Connect the thin-walled silicone tubing to the hook joint of the hose, fix it with two straps in opposite directions, and fix the thin-walled silicone tubing to co-form, sometimes used in the field of medical devices.

After curing thin-walled silicone tubing, the silicone elastomer exhibits remarkable mechanical properties, including moderate hardness and high elongation at break, but its tensile strength is lower than that of polyurethane (PU). Compared with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), the thin-walled silicone tube has a sticky surface and a higher coefficient of friction, but is much less rigid. They are hydrophobic, excellent electrical insulators, attract dust, and they have a wider operating temperature range than PVC.


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