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What is the difference between silicone tubing and platinum cured silicone tubing

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What is the difference between silicone tubing and platinum cured silicone tubing?

 Translucent Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing

The difference between ordinary silicone hose and platinum cured silicone tubing

Ordinary silicone tube is vulcanized with silica gel and bis-two-four vulcanizing agent. It has a foul smell, is convenient for processing, and has high output. It is suitable for the machinery industry; Platinum vulcanizing agent is vulcanized together, odorless and non-toxic. Its processing technology is complicated, the production output is relatively low, and the production cost is relatively high. It is widely used in: small household appliances, such as: drinking fountains, coffee machines, water heaters; medical equipment, such as : Peristaltic pump silicone tube, blood sampling silicone tube, oxygen inhalation silicone tube, etc. 

Because silicone rubber has many excellent properties, it can meet the supporting needs of some national defense, military, and civilian industries.

1. Transportation: Application in shipbuilding industry: rubber caps for brakes on automobiles. packing cup.Rubber Hose. Seal ring. Shaft seal of exhaust system. Spark plug sleeve. Ignition wire. Piston ring. Rotary engine dynamic use "O" ring. Shockproof parts for ships. Hydraulic system seals, oil seals, etc.

2. Radio, electrical machinery: in the telecommunications industry: medium and high voltage caps for televisions and oscilloscopes. Sealing ring and insulating sleeve of potentiometer. The shell of the thyristor tube. Seal the electric head. Insulation of motor stator coils. Sealing ring in contact with gas. Insulating casing. Switch protective cover, electronic computer, conductive rubber sheet on telephone surface, keyboard switch, varistor, etc.

3. Applications in the instrument and instrument industry: diaphragms for sensitive elements in various regulators, heating plates for instruments, and needle-resistant rubber sheets (Gourous Silicone Rubber). Indicator color lamp cover. Drying box. Electric stove. Far-infrared heater door seals and moldings. Sponge door seals (replace toxic asbestos door seals). Sealing of the boiler. Seals and hoses for refrigeration equipment. Instrument shock absorber. Various silicone rubber lead wires (used for capacitor radiators, coils, transformers, transformers, lead wires) refrigerator defrosting wires. Heating wire, etc.

4. Application in the aviation industry: fuel oil and lubricating oil. Sealing ring for pump of hydraulic oil system. Oil seal. Various flame-retardant silicone rubber parts. The sealing ring of the oxygen supply system. Diaphragm. Valves and so on.

5. Medical business: various catheters and drainage tubes. Silicone rubber bionic products, etc.


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