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What is medical silicone tube?

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What is medical silicone tube? What is the use?

medical silicone tube

As a kind of medical material, after decades of clinical application, silica gel has been recognized by the medical area and its application has become more and more extensive. Many large companies regard medical grade silicone hoses as their primary goal, and medical grade silicone tubings have also made considerable progress. In short, medical grade silicone tubings have been widely and importantly applied in the fields of life sciences, medical devices, medicines, etc., but still have great development potential. With the development of life sciences and the research of biological materials, medical grade silicone tubings will make greater contributions to human society

Used widely: At the current level of medical technology development, medical grade silicone tubings products cannot be underestimated. Now medical grade silicone tube products such as medical silicone tube airbags, medical grade silicone tubings, silicone tapes, and silicone pads have been put on the market. Medical-grade silicone has been put into use. Biocompatibility testing must be carried out to meet the requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration. Application of medical grade silicone hose

1. The solid medical grade silicone hose can replace bone or cartilage as an install filling or stent material, and can be made into artificial joints and artificial tendons to correct the defects of limb joints and tendons. Silicone materials are often used to correct deformities defects of the face, ears, and nose.

Catheters: Medical catheters are the fastest and most widely used products among medical silicone products. According to the application, it can be divided into internal and external two kinds. There are mainly a variety of pump tubes outside the body, such as artificial extracorporeal circulation pump tubes, various equipment connecting tubes, infusion tubes, etc.; various intubation tubes, catheters, and drainage tubes used in the body . At present, the development trend of medical catheters for humans is miniaturization, thin-walled, multi-lumen, and single-tube with multi-function. Especially in indwelling catheters, compared with other materials, the advantages of silicone materials catheters are incomparable for both long-term use and short-term use.

Craniocerebral surgery products: The silicone products used for craniocerebral surgery mainly include artificial skull, silicon-titanium composite correction material, six kinds of equipment for brain moisture, ventricular drainage tube, and artificial meninges. Now, artificial meninges made of silica gel and nylon cloth can be used to correct traumatic hard Membrane defects, hard meninges defects, tumor pedicle resection, or hard meninges moisturizing areas,etc. 2. Five functional products: The silicone products used in this department include: artificial bridge of the nose, artificial chin, artificial ear, artificial throat, otitis media ventilator, lacrimal detector, lacrimal thrombus, nostril stent, snoring device, nasal hemostatic saccule, artificial ventilation wave tube, tracheotomy cannula, etc. Nowadays, silica gel has been widely used in corrective surgery, which can correct all parts of the face, internal organs, chest, joints and so on.

3. Cardiac Surgery Products Cardiac surgery products: Silicone products used for heart surgery mainly include extracorporeal circulation pump tubes, chest drainage tubes, artificial lung silicon membranes, artificial heart spherical mitral valves, etc.

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