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What are the advantages of acid and alkali resistant silicone tubing

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What are the advantages of acid and alkali resistant silicone tubing    

medical grade silicone tubings

 There are many kinds of silicone tubes. Acid and alkali resistant silicone tube is one of them. Its raw material is acid and alkali resistant silica gel, which is often used in electricity. It is also called acid and alkali resistant silicone rubber tube. In order to further understand its use, we see what advantages it has.    

 1. High temperature and low temperature resistance     

This performance is the unique performance of silicone tube, so acid and alkali resistant silicone tube, as a kind of silicone tube, is naturally no exception. It can work at a high temperature of 250 degrees to 300 degrees, and it can also work at minus 40 degrees to 60 degrees. Even if people can't stand it and other things can't stand it, the acid and alkali resistant silicone tube can still work normally.     

2. Good acid and alkali resistance    

 Why is it called acid and alkali resistant silicone tube? Of course, it has the best acid and alkali resistance. It is physiologically stable and can withstand repeated disinfection without deformation. Put it in a place with a lot of ozone or strong light. It does not matter, it is resistant to ozone aging and light.     

3, good electrical performance 

    It is very insulating and non-conductive. We all know that even wood can conduct electricity, but it is very insulating. When it encounters water, it will deform less when the temperature rises. Even if it is short-circuited, it will generate silicon dioxide. silicon dioxide is still non-conductive, and it can still ensure the normal operation of various electrical equipment. This non-conductive and insulating performance is not the every types silicone tubes have.    

 Acid and alkali resistant silicone tube can withstand the corrosion of chemicals, and it is not easy to react with other chemical components. It is resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures and is relatively stable. If you compare it to humans, it is the kind of hard-working person, so Said it is very popular among industrial and commercial people and many people.


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