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Usage scenario of silicone sleeves for corona treater

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Usage scenario of silicone sleeves for corona treater

industrial grade silicone hose

In fact, the use scene of the silicone sleeve for corona treater is also related to the silicone products, but the process is different. The corona treater silicone sleeve is a leather sleeve sleeved on the roller of the corona treater, and some use scenes are also in the field of silicone products. You may have seen the patterns and silk screen logo on the surface of the silicone, and the machine that prints these patterns on the surface of the silicone hose is the corona treater, The core of the corona treater is the roller, and the corona treater silicone sleeve is the leather cover of the roller, which is the key to the success of silk screen pad printing. This is also the key. This is only one of the usage scenarios of the corona treater silicone sleeve, and of course, it also includes others.

For example, if the plastic film processed by the silicone tube of the electric machine needs to be printed with patterns or patterns, the silicone tube needs to print each pattern on the product under the premise of high temperature, because the sticker for managing the pattern needs high temperature to be activated next time, which requires the corona treater silicone sleeve to withstand the long-term high temperature environment, and there will be continuous power generation in the process of silk screen printing, In other words, there will be high-intensity static electricity. For the service life of the silicone hose, the production will generally be based on special silicone rubber raw materials. Therefore, the scene of the corona treater silicone sleeve also has the use demand of power generation in addition to silk screen printing and pad printing.

Of course, it also includes the use in the field of semi automation, including the use of drying channels in some automatic production lines such as BOPP, copp and pofe. Each section of this production line needs a section of corona silica gel tube as a transfer object for direct contact with products. For such large automatic production lines, the demand for corona silica gel is relatively large, which is also the key market promotion, There is no difference between the use scenarios of this kind of products and the above requirements, such as power generation activation. The only difference between the use scenarios is that the former is the corona machine with small product volume, and the silicone hoses used are independent and self running small silk screen printing or transfer equipment. The production line of the latter is generally composed of several corona machine rollers, usually several rollers. Generally speaking, the corona treater silicone sleeves is used in the field of silk screen printing processing of various pattern shapes. Its main characteristics are temperature resistance, voltage resistance, etc. the use scene is generally reflected as a leather sleeve on the roller.


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