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The role of medical grade silicone hose used in hemodialysis machine equipment

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The role of medical grade silicone hose used in hemodialysis machine equipment

White Translucent Medical Grade SiliconeTubing

How to choose the silicone tubing of dialysis machines? First of all, the process of selecting dialysis membrane tubing
is more complicated. Medical device designers need to consider the size, hardness, visibility or the need for impermeable lines, anti-distortion and other advanced designs. In addition, when choosing an implantable silicone tube, it is necessary to consider the purity of the material, chemical and biological compatibility, size and durability, because these factors play an important role in the performance of the product.

1. Mechanical properties: When purchasing silicone tubes, especially when the design of medical devices tends to be small devices and drug delivery devices, the main consideration is the size of the mechanical properties. Currently, the size of the implantable connecting hose is 0.007 x 0.014 inches. However, not all suppliers have the ability to bring their products to the market in time, so keep this in mind when selecting suppliers.

2. Hardness: Generally speaking, the hardness of Shore A can be increased from 20 to 80. The tensile strength decreases as the hardness increases. This is an important factor in evaluating devices, which will be subject to a lot of pressure when they are taken out of the body.

3. Tear strength and elongation of mechanical factors: There are small crack marks in the hemodialysis machine silicone tubing, and its tear strength seriously affects its length. This is especially important when the silicone tube may come into contact with sharp parts. The amount of elongation is related to the elasticity of the catheter, which is the mechanical property that needs to be considered for balloon catheters.

For some types of medical equipment, visibility is very important, such as drug carriers that deliver liquids to the body, or devices that are discharged from the body to the outside world. Although silica gel itself is transparent, in order to increase the depth of detection, barium acid (GaSO4) and titanium dioxide (TiOU2) are added to develop, reduce or eliminate transparency, which affects clinicians'observation of whether the liquid moves as expected.

In short, in some cases, designers want silicone tubes to be more visible in the body, for example, when using x-rays or fluorescent lenses to guide medical equipment through the body. Barium can be added to the silicone tube, not only can be seen in the soft tissue, but also the liquid state can be observed to verify the flow. In addition, a higher percentage of barium additives can be used to ensure that the tube passes through the bone, helping the surgeon find it when placing the catheter in the spine.


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