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structuring of silicone tubes

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What are the reasons and solutions for the structuring of silicone tubes?

silicone hose suppliers

Now society is developing faster and faster, and the further progress of the times has also led to the development of economy. More and more people are beginning to produce silicone hose, but if the silicone hose production is not perfect, there will be many problems. The structuring of silicone pipes is an important issue. Why is there structuring in the manufacturing process? So what is the structuring of silicone tubing? Generally speaking, the production structure of silicone tubing is to process natural silicone rubber and process it in accordance with the required formula. After adding the composition of material from the processing from the extracting machine and the grinder, and finally the silicone tube is formed one by one. However, when a general factory produces silicone pipe, it may appear in the silicone hose structuring. The structuring of silicone tubing refers to the use of silicone rubber that is not stronger than silica dioxide during the production process, and then reduces the plasticization of the rubber and reduces the processing performance. This phenomenon is called "pipe structuring". Let's talk about the reasons of structuring of silicone hose: The most common view is that under the influence of temperature, the external silicon dioxide group and raw rubber molecules have a chemical reaction, which then causes the rubber to harden and decrease its plasticity. So how to deal with the structuring of silicone hose: 1. "Structured control extrusion" is the most common processing method in production in the silicone rubber hose. 2. Treat the surface of the fumed silica, and then prevent the fumed silica produce effects with raw rubber. We all know that silicone hose is a kind of environmental protection material. At present, our pollution is getting more and more serious. We generally choose more environmentally friendly materials to use when selecting, so people should use silicone hose rationally. .


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